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Grammar Bammer Slammer Time


Dammit, I know I've been distracted with the grieving and all, but why o why didn't anybody tell me about this, the Frightenstein Con here last weekend? Anybody who did attend, reports here would be appreciated. I think 6:30 a.m. Saturday sightings of Hilarious House of Frightenstein formed my introduction to the proto-punk monster-movie trash-cultcha consciousness that David Thomas addressed in his Pop Conference presentation. (Billy Van as Southern Ontario's Ghoulardi? Perhaps not quite, but in that vicinity. Pere Ubu, incidentally, has been touring occasionally with live "underscores" for B-flicks such as X, The Man With the X-Ray Eyes and It Came From Outer Space: "The genre had an incalculable effect on the third generation of Young Rock Giants who emerged in the 70s. Now it's time to honor our debt.") HHoF also featured a Wolfman Jack imitation (with a literal wolfman) and cameos by Vincent Price.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, proceed here to view a typical Frightenstein episode. Other clips are on the comprehensive Frightenstein fan site. (Question: Is this the geekiest post I've ever made? Quite possibly.)

It also seems an opportune time to note that various other Pop Conference presentations are now available as PDFs from the EMP warehouse. The chatter on whether there will be another conference next year is sounding grim, so enjoy while you can.

PS: RIP Jimmy Martin: The ornery ol' bluegrass king bastard will be missed.

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re: emp grim chatter
what have you heard that would suggest that it may not be happening next year?

Posted by del on May 18, 2005 09:12 PM



wow. double definately on this tip. ( i'm now included in geekiest?!)
thanks for the revealing. we were just re-treading this show a few days ago.

HH was an early Meta-Imprint on my psyche - waiting for a friends dads station wagon full of hockey practice to pick me up and eating cereal on the couch. part of "not-so-old, weird, Canada" to borrow from greilM. wasnt that spiderman cartoon from hamilton, too? steeltown PoMo? underdog kanadian - billy vans failure to ever awaken the monster....
julius sumner miller, ooga booga,the fortune teller: why (like some of the best sctv) was it funny/engaging/beckettesque(?) head scratching even when completely terrible? mustve been the improvs, or maybe they taped during the graveyard (ouch) shift.
oh, and great writing zoilus, much appreciated.
Chime Time!


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Definitely on the HHoF tip...growing up in Southwestern Ontario had it's benefits (CFPL-TV among them)- cultural connection to Pere Ubu aside. Unfortunately, I had no idea what was happening with "the Wolfman and Igor, and it took me a while to get over the irrational phobia it created in me for Jumpin Jack Flash and I Want to Take you Higher (was that the Sly Stone tune they used?) But, I loved that witch. Talk about a drag queen...yowsa!!! The Librarian is still a personal hero that I will occasionally harken to for comic relief after a couple more wines than I care to mention...."Are you frightened? Terrifying, isn't it?"

Thanks for the memories and there a Sonny a Cher fan site too?


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