by carl wilson

What Do You Think the Words 'Foot Fetish' Do for Ye Olde Hit Count?


Because Zoilus has been locked in a hall of mirrors thinking recombinantly about the "The Sunset Tree problem" problem, and gradually coming to the conclusion that said problem was no problem and primarily in my speaking-too-soon noggin, we yam been mum. (Gentlemen, when all the women disagree, it is officially time to scour the brainpan.) Meanwhile you go look at some rock star feet. (Merci, Mimi Smartypants.)

By the way the exercise of writing simultaneously about John Darnielle and songs that are/are not "true" is making Spandau Ballet run through my head non-stop. Darnielle's classic Spandau piece is no longer up at Last Plane to Jakarta but you can - all the better, all the more mindfuckingly - listen to him perform that piece with the link at the bottom of this page here. (The good-but-not-as-good sequel is here.)

If I were the Wizard of Web, I would now show you Spandau Ballet's feet. Nyet: The picture above is the best I could do.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson