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20hz Is Dead, Long Live

A Hallmark card from ex-20hzer "Franks2000inchTV".

Following up yesterday's post, has turned into a giant lease-breaking party with everybody dancing and smoking and setting the sofa on fire, while the new landlord frantically tries to whitewash over the damage and pretend nothing's happening, censoring and deleting posts and banning members like crazy, and everyone is packing up their apartments and moving their crates and crates of albums over to Stillepost, a slightly tough name to remember and a place that could use some sprucing up (maybe we could rewire those fonts and put another layer of wax on the icons, honey?), but be it ever so humble, there's no place like a non-censorious, communally managed home.

Pretty entertaining. So does this spell ElMo boycott, folks, or are we keeping the issues separate?

(Update: In response to Ms. Liss's comment, I should say that I'm not advocating a boycott - I just wondered if it had come up. My viewpoint is, Mr. Jahangiri is already reaping what he's sown, he'll lose his bundle and no further action's really needed. However: 20hz ex-members, I advise you to remove your info from there - I couldn't figure out how to delete the profile, so I just changed the email address to a non-existent one. You don't want him using/selling the mailing list.)

Update update: Because shit is a bit out-of-hand getting, let me re-re-clarify: I think a boycott would be a bad idea. I also don't think anybody's thinking of one. There are few enough venues as it is. Sorry I mentioned it. There are good community-connected folk booking good shows at the El Mo, all the time, such as tomorrow's Russian Futurists CD launch. Masia One's M1 Academy happens there. Etc. etc. Jahangiri himself books some silly nonsense that kinda drags the average down, but that's no worse than, y'know, the Drake, with whom I have had my own unholy congress. Meanwhile, 20hz lies in ruins and Stillepost is getting rolling on its training wheels, so that mission's taken care of. We now return you to your friendly neighbourhood cultcha scene, already in progress.

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Hey sweet! My postcard! Awesome!

Viva Stille Post!

Posted by Trevor (A.K.A. Franks2000inchTV) on April 26, 2005 1:40 AM



Yeah, Marco has it completely wrong. The new board is a perfect manifestation of the "don't complain, do better" principle. The whole point of contention is that the 20hz community is not regarded by its members as a purchasable entity. Of course, we don't live in lalaland, and are aware that the boards don't exist free of financial concerns. However, with the amount of support from former 20hzers for boards that are "owned" by members of their own community (and concurrent willingness to fund such endeavours through donations), the financial side of maintaining the boards becomes essentially negligible.

While I am against the idea of 20hz as purchasable, the mass exodus really comes down to Abbas being a bad businessman and having a fundamental misunderstanding of his "market", which was thoroughly displayed in his actions today (and the days leading up to it).

Posted by Daniel on April 21, 2005 8:43 PM



The truly annoying aspect of this switch, other than having to painstakingly transfer my "crotch-shot" avatar over, has been Chloe's constant posting of the lyrics to Fugazi's "Merchandise" over the older site today. Reason enough to move somewhere else, I say.

Posted by Jay Watts III on April 21, 2005 8:32 PM



It's also the fact that the community was sold that rubs a lot of people the wrong way. The board members become a commodity. Moreover, people who put in hard admin work on the site weren't consulted or informed of the sale- and didn't receive any compensation from it, either.

The original owner had lots of ideas about business and entrepreneurship that were bound to run counter to a community-run endeavour. He always wanted to make "something more" out of it, but he lost interest in the community- so he sold it. Unsurprisingly, members were not in love with being treated as a lucrative target market and not much more.

I'm a lot more comfortable having moved, especially as the new site has no ads at all. Also because it seems I spend my entire life on there. It's an amazing little community and this move just seems to make the most sense.

Posted by kate on April 21, 2005 8:24 PM



That's not what it's about, Marco: The guy has 1. hooked the boards up to a portal that's basically an El Mo promotional device, making the whole community kind of an advertising vehicle for himself; 2. refused to discuss moderation issues with the members; and 3. censored and deleted posts that he considers "inappropriate" (whether for bad language or for criticizing him) and banned members who persist in discussing it. People on the boards were open to working with the new ownership, but the new ownership wasn't open to working with them. And after all, it's just a message board - if you don't like the way it's run, why wouldn't you go ahead and start a new one?

Posted by Zoilus on April 21, 2005 7:53 PM



isn't it a bit much to be leaving en masse from a great message board all because some guy is trying to buy cool points without serving his time on sunday nights at dees? i think this is ridiculous.

Posted by marco on April 21, 2005 7:39 PM



hey sir -

your tireless updates on this sitch have been invaluable, and i love your image of a lease-breaking party, but i feel like a conceptual separation has to be made behind the hummer-driving colonizer who's ripping a garish swath through toronto indie culture and the non-abbas folks behind the scenes at the el mo, all of whom would be out of jobs if the place went down the shitter. i know that boycott thing was a joke, but i want to throw my support behind yvonne, who's still trying to book good shows at the club, and who's been supporting the local scene for years and years.

anyhow, just my half-dazed $0.02. this whole thing is so weird and convoluted.

c'est tout.

Posted by lisstless on April 21, 2005 5:03 PM




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