by carl wilson

The Last EMP-anada

Shayla's photos from EMP. I'll stop going on & on about the conference now, unless something especially compelling comes up, but wanted to mention that if anybodies want a copy of my paper, I'll send one along, but only on the QT - it's still up for revision and publishing-attempts sometime down the road.

Also just found out that I didn't get to meet the other Torontonian in the EMP-house. (Her subject was, "What Are YOU Doing Here? The Trials and Tribulations of a Black Female Metalhead.") Laina, hope we can correct that sometime locally. Update: Oh, and you too, Del.

But mostly: Read This.

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Those photos of downtown Brantford are really sad. I remember going to Brantford to shop in the 80s while in high school and there actually being a downtown. It's sad to think that my hometown, Simcoe, at less than 1/5 the population has a much more vibrant downtown than Brantford does now. Thank you Eatons Centre and Wal-Mart...

I still have fond memories of Records on Wheels and Second Wave though - especially the latter, who introduced me to Fugazi in early '99 (thanks Paul) and helped me really fill in my 80s indie and thrash metal collections for very reasonable prices.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson