by carl wilson

Zoso, What's It to Ya?


I'll have a wrap-up of the Pop Conference a little later in the day, but for a teaser, here's a link to a bit of what Erik Davis was talking about in yesterday (Sunday) morning's closing "Black Mass" session, the infernal technologies of Jimmy Page, from his book in the great 33 1/3 series of little books about albums, which now has its own blog. I'm no Zeppelin fan, but Davis managed to make me feel like one, with (as Ann Powers said yesterday) his very rare ability to get deep into these kinds of mythos without losing his "secular head." The excerpt, however, doesn't give you the part where Davis (skinny, bearded, "Hammer of the Gods" t-shirt, leather pants) opened up an Aleister Crowley book that Page's short-lived publishing house reprinted in the early 1970s and shouted out the incantation to call forth a demon to do his bidding. Or Davis's best line, after we watched a very funny clip of a televangelist playing Zep records backwards: "Now, this is in 1981... I think we need to begin to talk about a Christian turntablism."

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