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Veda Hille in XTC

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O.K., not exactly. But that somewhat porny headline indicates that we interrupt this Zoilus hiatus to bring you the news that our friend and songmaking icon Veda Hille has been signed to APE Records, the new label run by XTC's Andy Partridge. It makes perfect sense that a man who once referred to his own band as "ninjas of the mundane" would fall for Veda's work, which consists in leveraging extreme poetic pressure onto tiny everyday objects (melodic and conceptual) until they gleam like prehistoric resin. (Veda would belong in any survey of music that perpetrates theory by other means.) Canada's own ninja of the mundane releases her next album, Return of the Kildeer, on April 23 with a big Vancouver show (at the Van East Cultural Centre), followed by a tour with a show in Toronto on May 5 at the Lula Lounge, and all over. The album guests include members of P:ano, guitarist Eric Chenaux, cellist Peggy Lee, and singers Selina Martin, Christine Duncan, John Millard, Oh Susanna, Kim Barlow and more. It includes pieces from a song cycle about East Vancouver (with some lyrics from Carl Sandburg) as well as two from The Death of the Finance Minister's Mother, a play about now-prime-minister Paul Martin by Zoilus confrere Sean Dixon. Veda's also on a new album by a little Vancouver ensemble named Duplex!, which presents "rock songs for kids", includes three bona fide kids aged 3 to 12 (joining the Pacific Northwest pre-teen band trend), and is almost too adorably titled Ablum. Can't wait to hear that. (Details on P:ano and Duplex! here.)

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