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RIP to the Baron of the B3.

Thomas Bartlett proves himself the biggest fan of Toronto music blogs who doesn't live in Toronto, with the links list on his new Salon audioblog, Audiofile. Many thanks. And beyond that mark of taste and distinction, what's a web-magazine audioblog got that your standard MP3 blog ain't got? It has the disadvantage of having to be legal, but the advantage of a journalistic context of sorts. I hope that it will somehow be more engaged, less isolationist than the Everyblog. I was pleased to see the Jimmy Smith post yesterday, for instance, but it was too bad the only audio link led to a purchasing situation on iTunes. But that's the kind of off-the-news thinking I'd love to hear in Bartlett's daily downloads - even songs that obliquely comment on that day's situation in the Middle East and the like. Again, legality may make it tricky. I'm just blueskying. (Is there another audioblog like that?) In any case, Zoilus retains a rusty fondness for Salon from the Ancient Interweb Age, when I read it every day; in recent years it's had less allure (and not due to the ads, which I don't mind) so it's grand to have this feature to beckon me back.

Speaking of audioblogs, I just noticed that Big Primpin's Rory ThemFinest has one, or rather that that is what what he has is. (Clinton trial 6th anniversary shoutout! We miss sex lies!) Also in the earholes, the Toronto Cream Team, whomever they may be.

Elsewhere in blogainvillea, Chromewaves reviews last night's Bettie Serveert show. I couldn't go and was sick, sick, sick about it. Frank shows how right I was - they haven't been here for nine fucking years. Blaaagh!

Plus, before, when I said that Banjo Banjar wasn't going to be too active yet? Sean made a complete liar of me within minutes. Ch-ch-check it out.

And: Okay, this is funny.

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