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Due to circumstances in the box marked Private Matters, I've missed some of the crucials of the month: Phill Niblock on Sun. at Latvian House and last night's visit by Japan's Yuko Nexus6 (with Sarah Peebles). Did any angels out there tread where this fool neglected to rush in? Reports would be very welcome.

Couple new Toronto blogs to tell you about. The first is Eclectic Sound Basement, by Steve Birek, an outcropping of his show on CIUT. The entertaining twist here? His radio show draws its playlist from the blogosphere - a soundtrack to your blogging week. So the blog brings it full tail-chasing circle. Lean back and laugh. (Under the alias of Guy Stevos, Mr. Birek also has a blog named after a Peter Laughner song and one where he gossips about himself that's named after a bilingual pun/paradox: It's called "Sans Blog," a homonym for the expression "Sans Blague," or, "No Joking," which in its franglais form also translates as "Without Blog" which is some kinda Magritte shit, though somebody else already jumped that bone.)

The other new blogger on the ranch is my pal Sean Dixon, playwright-novelist-boulevardier, who's graduating up from a series of joke blogs to his first earnest one, which turns out to be about music: Banjo Banjar, devoted to his more avocational passion, the clawhammer banjo, and banjo history. His opening salvo is a previously published essay but more hardcore posting action will, he says, not begin until the completion of other projects. Zoilus will keep tabs for you. (Banj'thusiasts, btw, should also check out this fascinating upcoming conference on the journey and folkways of the banjo from Africa through slave culture, minstrelsy and ragtime to somehow become the icon of white American racist atavism a la Deliverance, The Black Banjo Gathering. ... And you banjo-haters can stick it where the drone string don't thrum.)

The Golden Boy weeps: The latest Venetian Snares album is called Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole. Given the Weakerthans' One Great City, whose chorus is "I hate Winnipeg," has ever a Canadian town been so slandered in song? (And all by its own residents, no less?) Has even Toronto come in for this much abuse? Why does the humble, noble town of Winnipeg suffer so when the arguably much more deserving Kingston, Vancouver, Edmonton and Moncton escape unscathed? I'm calling a Royal Enquiry.

And finally: Psychedelic Furs playing Lee's Palace in Toronto on March 31 and April 1. Tix on sale on Thurs. at the usual outlets, $28.50. I have a queasy sinking feeling this is something Zoilus readers want to know. Don't fret, darlings, no matter how elongated of tooth, you're still pretty in pink to me.

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But haven't they been admonished by Winnipeg city officials? I thought I'd heard that.

Posted by Sean on February 9, 2005 6:53 PM



Steve, Sean - Yes, yes, of course. My tongue is not dislodged from my own cheek here, fellas. The Weakerthans gang has done enormous amounts of good for Winnipeg. If I have a chance I'll dig up what John Samson said on the subject of his love-hate relationship to the city (which could be any city, including ours) in an old interview.

Posted by zoilus on February 9, 2005 3:34 PM



Seems to me the Weakerthans' song is subject to some good ol' Tournier-style benign inversion: You walk away from it feeling he's just paid very deep, loving homage. And the best thing about it is it can never be co-opted as a jingle or quoted on billboards or the side of a bus.
Thanks for the blog plug.

Posted by Sean on February 9, 2005 2:59 PM



i spent several years in winnipeg, but i'm slightly less offended with the likes of venetian snares and john k. sampson. artists and musicians in winnipeg love to shit all over their city and its supposed cultural isolation, but the truth is, they've accomplished a great deal as a scene. ex/ G7 records, royal art lodge, guy maddin, etc. i think most of this cynicsm can be considered at least somewhat tongue in cheek.

but i agree with you: time for a new city to start degrading itself lyrically. i spent four years in the aforementioned kingston, where i worked through an often heartbreaking couple of years trying to start some kind of change in the local musical fare. kingston is like an asshole from hell. someone should put that place on the hit list.

Posted by steve birek on February 9, 2005 2:03 PM



Good call, Luca - I totally forgot that 2002 track. On the other hand, last year Aaron Funk aka Venetian Snares also put out a track called "Weinerpeg Mannertoeba." So Winnipeg's down again. Not to mention the Handsome Dick screw-over of Manitoba (Dan Snaith), now Caribou - depriving us of a more positive-minded tribute. (Disclosure: My dad's from Manitoba, not far from Winnipeg, so I take it personal.)

Someday I want to do a definitive "Songs About Toronto" discog - I'm sure we could rack up the disses, just haven't dredged them from the memory banks yet.

Posted by zoilus on February 9, 2005 1:33 PM



venetian snares has also taken a crap on toronto in his landmark work "fuck toronto jungle".

Posted by luca on February 9, 2005 11:11 AM



wilson, you've done your research. thanks for the plug...and haldenby, you're cool too.

Posted by Guy Stevos on February 9, 2005 2:24 AM



It's a true challenge to match the sly-voiced wit and constructively-minded enthusiasm of Steve Birek.

Posted by Trevor Haldenby on February 8, 2005 9:35 PM



that (ghost in you) is my very favorite psychedelic furs song.

Posted by karen on February 8, 2005 6:43 PM




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