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And That's My Final Fantasy!


What a blast it was watching Arcade Fire on Conan last night (filling in for Maroon 5!), especially our beloved Owen Pallett (aka Les Mouches/Final Fantasy) falling to his knees and pawing the ass of his fellow violinist Sara, and the various percussionists-in-motorcycle-helmets-drumming-on-each-other moments and the all-round prettiness. I'm glummed that I did not tape it - spent awhile this aft searching for downloads, but they have not surfaced yet (oh, except on avi, which isn't working for me but might for you ). You will be notified. Meanwhile you could watch this more placid studio performance from KCRW in California. (Update: Bit torrent here.)

Owen reports from the road, on this afternoon: "howdy! the band is all upset about conan, they thought the sound was shit. i thought it was awesooooooome. i didn't get paid or anything, in fact they said i couldn't legally be on the set (no work visa) but it went ahead anyway. conan is super tall and has an enormous head." Owen, tell them the sound was fine - that's how live TV always, always sounds.

A sweet pic of Owen (Final Fantasy) Pallett from

People are predictably freaking about Owen at the shows and the new Final Fantasy album Has A Good Home. For dumb reasons Zoilus doesn't have his copy yet but soon he will and he will bring the freaking. Meanwhile people are searching for info about Owen and ending up on Zoilus, and emailing me about him, and posting pictures (above, and some more are here), reviews, MP3s (such as Furniture and The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead at Popdrivel, which bafflingly compares him to Jimmy Page!... and also here) and universally agreeing that he has to change the project's name, which I doubt he'll do, and, overall, this is what we call the Fun.

Here, however, a lonely dissenter calls Owen a "frostback." And my giggling, it shall be uncontrollable.

In related Torontopian news, Fluxblog recently creamed for Hank. More blows against the empire...

Update again Also: Last night in NYC, they met David Bowie. And tonight in NYC, they performed with David Byrne, doing (their frequent cover) This Must Be the Place. (Up-update: Photos & sound file here, and avi video clip here.) It's a strange and beautiful world.

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....who really cares about predictable Can-con industry drivel? Fuck the Junos.

Posted by Greg on February 8, 2005 3:05 PM



You're supposed to be a music blogger. Where's your Juno reporting?

Posted by Sean on February 7, 2005 6:26 PM




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