by carl wilson

Don't Go Back to Rockton, or, "You Are One of the Few 'I was there!' in the making of Canadian Rock History!"

From the scary world of PR. I regret to say I did not attend. You can't make this shit up:

"*_Tuesday February 1**Today* **NOON* sharp* MENEW guerrilla concert- is a feat of engineering and ingenuity that allows this indie band to perform ... in the sky!

" 'Reach for the sky, while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.' A wise adage to live by...and MENEW proves that it can be done! Since their conception, Rockton, Ontario indie band MENEW have built their own rehearsal space[featured in the Hamilton Spectator], financed largely thru CD/DVD sales of The Revolution Behind Their Backs, produced by Scott Matthews [The Beach Boys, Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton...] -sold independently thru their own company and record label; produce their own sold out events, and shot a video to the single /'Can You Feel This?' /with Hans Uhlig,ILM.

"But what truly sets MENEW apart is the creativity,imagination and daredevil approach they take to performing and promoting,as evidenced by the devotion of their ever increasing fans,while reaching for their dreams. July 2004 found them performing an 'impromptu' concert on a 48 foot flatbed at Sony ,much to the delight of staff and nearby construction workers . CMN Magazine (August issue # 156) quotes MENEW:' Who knows what our next stunt will be? '

"A caravan of gear and equipment, an engineer or several, conquering fear of heights and motion sickness, and what have you got? A LUNCH TIME ROCKN'ROLL EXTRAVAGANZA unlike anything you've ever seen before, or likely will again. (no, it's not a roof top thing.) Bring your camera's and your enthusiasm for true rock renegades. Above all,in the true spirit of Rockn'Roll, be entertained!

"SEE MAP BELOW [ed. note: there was no map below] Turn Left onto Consumers Road from Victoria Park, another left on Hallcrown Pl. Location is behind that big building on the corner...

"/Please/ be advised that the entire event will take place in only 15 minutes of the most amazed time you've ever spent! BE SURE not to miss are one of the few " I was there!" in the making of Canadian Rock History!

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