by carl wilson

No, You Hang Up. ... No, You Hang Up! (Giggle)

The first best new radio idea of 2005 comes to us from BSR88.1 in Providence, Rhode Island - it's called Phoning It In, and if you click that link you can listen to its first outing, in which John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats performs a short sweet set over the telephone. It's lo-fi heaven.

The telephone and the radio are, of course, one of the world's sexiest couples. The Internet can put on all the podcasting pasties and g-strings it wants, and it still can't compete for va-va-vooms. This is proved by the second- or third-best show on the CBC, Jonathan Goldstein's Wiretap, whose main concept is to celebrate the merry anal coupling of phone and airwaves.

(Criminally, Wiretap has no on-line archive, but the blog Acts of Volition has a rip of one episode featuring Montreal's Constellation/Alien8 guitar-and-oud psychedelician Sam Shalabi. Unfortunately that show is actually devoid of telephonic content, ruining my point, but it's amusing.)

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If you want to hear Wiretap on the phone -

I put up an MP3 of Jonathan's intervew w. me:

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Better than "Wiretap"? "Ideas" and maybe "Brave New Waves." On any given day other candidates for the half-point are "As It Happens" and "Quirks and Quarks" and various Jane Farrow and Ian Brown appearances. "Vinyl Cafe" produces weird love-hate sex vibes in us. Zoilus is neurotic about the CBC because we feel like we shared a womb with it.

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What's better than Wiretap? (The gardening phone in?) The last episode of Wiretap was genius. I would say that J goldstein is Canada's Ira Glass, but that would be a stupid thing to say. He is just himself I guess.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson