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Are You Experienced? (I Will Be)

Frank Gehry's Experience Music Project in Seattle.

It didn't occur to me until Keith did it to mention that I'm going to be at the EMP Pop Conference in Seattle this April, giving a paper. The theme of the conference this year is "Music as Masquerade: Poseurs, Playas, and Beyond." It'll be my first time there.

My subject will be "Who Was That Masked Singer-Songwriter?" - about indie singer-songwriters of the 90s and 00s who are called things like Smog, Palace, Destroyer or Mountain Goats, compared to singer-songwriters who had names like James and Joni. What I especially want to look at is the attempt to disavow the confessional streak of past singer-songwriters, and in fact to shrug off the whole embarrassing history of "singer-songwriter" as a genre - while still being exactly that - and how this dovetails with the development of modern poetry, the attempt to develop a contemporary "lyricism" that is "post-lyrical," that doesn't buy the sucker's game of the lyric "I" and the uncritical subjectivity (and sentimentality) that went along with it, or at least now seems to have gone along with it.

Er, don't worry: I will deliver this while juggling flaming bowling pins and whistling Well You Needn't in a Batman costume.

Mainly, however, I am excited about meeting fellow music writers and other wenches and rogues - as well as some correspondents from Seattle (John Turtletop, for instance), and visiting this storied city, where I've never been.

Who else is in? (And who's putting me up?!)

Elsewhere: Some advice for my employer. (Where, by the way, I won't have a column this week, because last week's double deadline started me smoking again. So I am taking a breather, literally.)

Also if you are in Tdot tonight and want something to do, we heartily commend dancing to Tyler Clark Burke's MEA CULPA night of Guilty Pleasures at the Drake for no dineros.

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if you actually DO want to deliver the paper while dressed in a Batman costume, they actually have the Adam West (and Burt Ward) costumes from the TV series on display at the EMP museum.

They look really chintzy up close, though. Batman's utility belt is purely decorative.

Posted by frank on January 28, 2005 09:10 AM



I'd love to see a copy of that paper. The connection between post-lyrical and post-rock makes a lot of sense (especially embodied in Silvery Jew David Berman, who's played both sides quite nicely; just re-reading his Actual Air). I've been trying to puzzle that out lately....

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