by carl wilson

Someone's About to Be Faaaaamous

Photo from Aperture Enzyme.

I hadn't realized that Owen Pallett aka Final Fantasy was opening for the Arcade Fire on their U.S. tour. That is freak-tastic news. I'm about to hear his new album, too. Feel my heart palpitate! (The downside for Torontonians, all Final Fantasy gigs you've seen on the Toronto gig guide are now, well, not Final Fantasy gigs, including tonight's One-Man Band show at the Music Gallery. Zoilus will fix.)

Meanwhile, I'm here just to remind you that the new Toronto improv-musicians' group the AIMT begins three nights of fundraisers tonight. Other matters plus tard, 'tard. (Cute Bad Joke Alert!)

PS: Woah! Kitchener-Waterloo is a city of about 200,000. I'm not sure it can contain Diamanda Galas!

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That's great that Owen got the tour, but not hard to believe either. The dude is a huge part of quality tuneage in Toronto and it only makes sense to me that his opportunities will expand. But I think he only got this chance via pity due to his foot breakage(jk-no offendo)!

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P.S. Yes, my hometown of Kitchener-Waterloo is pretty small with not much going on. I'm not sure we can handle Diamanda Galas either--but I'm tickled pink that we're going to try. There's a good-news story in Open Ear's successes so far in getting its sometimes-delighted, sometimes-confused public to heed the festival's title and listen with open ears. This is one event that makes me really proud of the city, and of the people who took a chance in thinking that avant-garde music and installations could rest here with relative ease.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson