by carl wilson

The Unicorns Are Dead


Somewhere cute and tiny horns are snapping: RIP, Montreal's The Unicorns. It's unconfirmed but - who would bother creating a rumour like this (okay, one possible exception: The Unicorns.) But if it's true: An obvious case of a band that was too freak to survive (they were famous for trashing venues, becoming homeless while on tour, being really very young), but your Three-Stooges-of-Art-House-Pop-Punk shtick was diverting and promising, and we trust that at least some of you will keep coining melodies while the others go back to school and become professors, or stockbrokers, or something. Cue joke about them all getting haircuts since they are now gone.

The Welsh punk coulda-beens of Mclusky have also called it quits, with the resignation of bassist Jon Chapple. "The reason for this parting is private, though probably not as entertaining as you'd imagine," lead singer Andy Falkous says on the website for the band, who put out one terrific album (Mclusky Do Dallas) and two terrifickish album (My Pain and Sadness Is More Sad and Painful Than Yours and last year's The Difference Between You & Me Is That I'm Not On Fire). Falkous promises, "There'll be more music soon, from all of us."

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