by carl wilson

Humbug De-Bugged


It's not quite perfect but compared to your usual all-holiday-gunk radio (as discussed in this week's column), there's certainly superior Xmas listening, if not for the whole family, here at San Francisco's SomaFM. Look down to the bottom of the page for the Xmas in Frisko program stream. A few too many "quirky" remakes of the season's 10-song Greatest Hits List, but in the past hour its playlist has also included Stevie Wonder's Someday At Christmas, Eazy-E's Merry Muthaphuckin' X-mas and the Japanese Kick The Can Crew's Christmas Eve Rap - so there's progress. (Thanks to Brad Bechtel for the tip.) Care to recommend any other on-line alt-xmas listening?

If you're out to the record shop in search of a seasonal soundtrack, you could do much worse than to use Dusty Groove's holiday page as a buyer's guide. (Thanks to John Wendland for the clue.) My craziest discovery there is pictured above. What kind of a Christmas morning can you have to the sounds of Hey Lord by Suicide, It's A Holiday by Material with Nona Hendryx and Christmas With Satan by James Chance? Not sure, but I think there's lighter fluid in the egg nog and everybody's getting a black leather jacket!

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