by carl wilson

Разом нас багато/ Нас не подолати!

Yesterday I mentioned in passing the Orange Revolution anthem in Ukraine, a hip-pop chant that's not only been the soundtrack of the protests but is actually a transcription of what the protesters were already chanting, set to music by a group called Grinjolly (Sleigh) on the second day of the uprising. (That's an unusual strategy for a political song, though perhaps a more common one for a soccer anthem.) (The music, it must be added, is similarly utilitarian. Should western aid programs be sending Timbaland?)

The key phrase in the chorus, ""Razom nas bagato, nas ne podolati!" (which I think is the title of this post, in cyrillic) is the Ukrainian equivalent of El pueblo unido/ jamás será vencido, which will be familiar to you if you've ever been on a protest march in the western hemisphere ("the people united shall never be defeated"). You can hear it here and read the lyrics here. Also, listen to a report from Public Radio International's The World. And there is other music coming out of the movement as well ... though so far nothing from The Ukrainians.

That, by the way, is Peter Solowka of The Wedding Present and other Ango-Ukrainian friends, playing punked-out Ukrainian songs along with Ukrainian covers of the Smiths and the Sex Pistols. Rather clairvoyantly, they released a best-of album, Istoriya, in early November, and it comes highly recommended. Meanwhile the Wedding Present, like every other great band of the 1980s, has reunited, with a new album due Valentine's Day and a European tour announced, with North America to follow. They played a John Peel tribute show last week on the BBC, and a single is already out. So far as I know, TWP leader David Gedge's sexed-up-orchestral-pop band Cinerama still continues on as well.

Er, and Ющенко, Ющенко! Це наш президент. Так! Так! Так!

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Oh look, heres a complete translation:

Posted by Amanda on December 21, 2004 04:25 PM



Cyrillic looks pretty right. I think literally it means, although my Russian is getting rusty.

(We are) Together
We are many
We can't be defeated

Posted by Amanda on December 21, 2004 04:23 PM



Hey, thanks for this. I heard it once on the radio, in the background of an interview, and wished I could get my ears on it.

Posted by Sean on December 21, 2004 04:21 PM




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