by carl wilson

Like a Blog Over Troubled Waters

Luca's comments on that last post are real good, go read 'em. Meanwhile if you need some non-political brain relief, go over and see Aaron, he'll hook you up with all the sillyhead linx and pix U can bare LOL! He and I will pick up our Eminem discussion later (preview: I don't agree!).

Me, I am cruising the MP3 blogs for aural succor in advance of plunging into the morass tonight and for who knows how long thereafter. Let Said the Gramophone bathe your ears in Ida's Dream Date. Listen to the pop pop pop from one of the countries being irredeemably fucked by the so-called war on so-called terror with Yulduz Usmanova of Uzbekistan's Tak Boom (including a most improbable dancehall break) or the very soothing indeed Chant by Anja Lechner and Vassilis Tsabropoulos, both courtesy of Chris Porter. Fluxblog eases your mind by moving your ass to Eddie Hazel's What About It?.

And, to get back to politics again, seek out the pop-the-vote tune by Chris Stamey and Yo La Tengo (several versions here), the South Park P-Diddy Vote-Bumpin' parody everybody's linking today ("shake them titties when you vote, bitch!"), a hella lot of politicial hip-hop links from Royal Music and a rallying cry from Dan Bern courtesy of Kingblind. You can watch Bruce Springsteen give a better campaign speech than any of the actual candidates (and sure, sing a song, too) here. And you can keep listening to "Music Blogging for Democracy" all day long if you follow the sound of preachin' to Songs:Illinois. (Note: Avoid the Creekdippers' anti-Bush song. It sucks rocks, complete with a flute solo.) The Big Ticket, thankfully, adds Leonard Cohen's Democracy, one of the best, queerest political songs ever - "I'm stubborn as those garbage bags that time cannot decay/ I'm junk but I'm still holdin' up this little wild bouquet:/ Democracy is comin' to the U.S.A." That "visionary flood of alcohol" is gonna sound pretty good at about midnight tonight too. After which it will be appropriate to, a la Animal Collective, Panic.

If time permits, further toonage plus tard. If not, see you in the next era. And if you are American, please do vote today. Over your borders and across the seas, we are counting on you.

Sail on, sail on, O mighty ship of state/ To the shores of Need, past the Reefs of Greed, through the Squalls of Hate/ Sail on, sail on, sail on....

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thanks for sending people my way. I can't believe you don't like the creekdippers song thogh - however they say victoria williams is an acquired taste

Posted by craig bonnell on November 4, 2004 09:48 AM




Zoilus by Carl Wilson