by carl wilson

Tip to Xtian Zealots: Get Your Bus Ticket to Toronto Now

Get a pocketful of rocks and paint up those picket signs, Dan Burke is baiting Christians again.... The Bible burning begins Oct. 11, according to this quite-possibly-prevaricating post from local Show Promoter Dan, Toronto's finest entertainer, on 20hz:

Preachers from the Bible belts of North America used to organize public burnings of rock and roll records as a form of excorcism against the influence of devils like Elvis and Chuck Berry on young people. That was before the CD era, so burning REALLY meant burning! As in bonfire!! And that's what our newfound heroes down in Texas -- BOXCAR SATAN -- have decided to do when they come here on Thanksgiving Day (Oct. 11). The one difference being that instead of burning a heap of LPs and 45s, they're gonna burn bibles. That's right! Bring a bible to the Boxcar Demon show at The Silver Dollar on Mon.Oct.11 and not only will you get in at half price -- we'll burn the fuckin' thing!!! (Bibles are easy to get: you can steal them from just about any hotel room ion North America.) And so as not to be prejudiced or exclusionary, any of our Muslim or Jewish pals and gals can bring books from their cultures. Yeah, we'll add the Koran and Torah to the ash heap. Participants will be free to do anything around the bonfire -- i.e. tell ghost stories, roast marshmallows, smoke crack, copulate homosexually, etc., etc. It's gonna be the best whack of good clean fun we've had in a long time, friends! Long live Commotional Rock and El Fiasco Commotions !!!

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