by carl wilson

MotherCorp Ramone

Not quite.

I was on Newsworld this afternoon at 1:15 or so talking about Johnny Ramone's death, so maybe it'll be rebroadcast later in the day... in case you're channelsurfing, watch out for a guy who didn't realize how hokey it was that he was wearing a leather jacket while discussing the Ramones. (At least it wasn't a motorcycle jacket.)

Things I didn't say on CBC about Johnny Ramone: All-down-stroke guitar style more influential and much more difficult to perform than it seems. Kinda annoying prig, but with a hidden tender heart - consider how hard it would be to be a basically conformist, hardworking, not-so-bright Republican guy in a band with utter bizarros such as Joey and Dee Dee. Would probably have been happier in a different band. And yet, in love with being a Ramone, and probably kept it going longer than it should have. Died surrounded by B-list celebrities, less than a decade after the Ramones' retirement, as if his body didn't really know what else to do but die. Also looked remarkably like my childhood best friend, who had the bowl cut even though we'd never heard of the Ramones back then. The Ramones always seemed like good imaginary friends. Someone should make the animated series about the boy who gets advice and has adventures with the ghosts of the Ramones.

Only Tommy left standing, as I said on the show, no doubt mostly because he got himself off the road as soon as possible.

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