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Holding Hands After Swimming in a Lake (Plus: Ambitious Arto)


Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening, Dub Narcotic Sound System, K Recs) is in Toronto @ Lee's Palace, Sept. 28. I've never seen him. Will it be super-mutant charm or repulsive twee? (The above pic, to me: charming. To you? Caveat emptor.)

In other news: Franz Ferdinand wins the Merrrrrrrrrrrrr............ sorry, dozed off there. At least Belle & Sebastien's waste of Trevor Horn's time was not rewarded. (Grump!)

ALSO: In Franklin Bruno's otherwise excellent Boston Phoenix piece on Arto Lindsay and the reissued DNA recordings, he poses "an obvious question: how did he travel from there to here?" (In which "there" is abrasive "arch-negationist no wave" and "here" is samba-spined "slick, accessible ... electro-acoustic grooves".)

While Franklin limns the result of that journey with his customary eloquence, there's actually a straight answer to the question he leaves hanging.

In brief: After DNA, Lindsay worked with the likes of Anton Fier, John Lurie, Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, John Zorn and Ryuichi Sakamoto, all of which likely helped sand some of the spike off his style. But the big missing link is the oft-neglected Ambitious Lovers, Lindsay's band with Peter Scherer on keyboard, which stands at a near-exact midground 'tween DNA and O Corpo Subtil. Their Lust, Envy and especially Greed are sharp mashes of Prince, no wave and Braziliana.

Around the same time, Lindsay met Caetano Veloso in NYC, and because of his Brazilian background he got to produce Veloso's album Estrangeiro, which positioned him to be heavily involved in the next decade's worth of Brazilian avant-pop with Marisa Monte, Gal Costa and Carlinhos Brown, bridging to the likes of Juana Molina now, as well as Lindsay's stunning series of seductive 1990s solo works.

And through it all, he's still never really learned to play guitar: Read David Krasnow's neat Bomb interview with Arto.

Edited to add: Franklin also points out a crack Arto story by Douglas Wolk that includes the best description of DNA's sound I've ever read: "poems constructed entirely of punctuation."

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Hmm, well, of the nominees, my sentimental vote would have been with Robert Wyatt, and my political vote with the Streets. So it would have hinged on which schiz-mind I'd been in when the ballot was cast. (I should specify too that I haven't heard several of the nominees; if I were voting, I trust that wouldn't be the case.)

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So, if not Franzy baby, who would you have picked for the Merc, Mr Zoilus?

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