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Zell on Four Wheels

Casual political observers might be unaware that Zell Miller, the Georgian Democrat/Benedict-Arnold who gave the o.t.t. GodZella keynote address at this week's Republican Convention, and then proceeded to challenge Chris Matthews of Hardball to a duel! (which, come to think of it, some echt Democrat should have done long ago) - that guy is also a songwriter. Courtesy of my friend Barry Mazor, writer for No Depression, the Wall Street Journal, etc., here's a 2001 press release detailing one of the Zellanator's artistic triumphs.

Note to country newbies: Zell's cowriter "Cowboy" Jack Clement is a kickass Nashville songsmith, who penned among other hits Johnny Cash's Ballad of a Teenage Queen, George Jones' A Girl I Used to Know and Hank Snow's Miller's Cave - no relation.

7/26/01 -- "Talking Pickup Truck Blues"
A new song by Zell Miller and Jack Clement

Washington D.C. -- A congressional panel voted 29-3 to force light truck manufacturers to save the nation 5 billion gallons of gasoline...John Dingell, D-Michigan, said the bill would be "the equivalent of taking two years of production of SUVs and pickups off the road." Others pointed out that it would add hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to the vehicle's sticker price. (Dallas Morning News, July 13, 2001)

"You hardly ever see a pickup truck in Washington, D.C." Senator Zell Miller explained. "They're scarce up here and that's why I'm concerned the pickup owners of this nation might get screwed in all this gas guzzler talk about SUVs and vans. That's why we wrote this song."

"Talking Pickup Truck Blues" was written by Miller, a member of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and his longtime friend and sometimes co-writer Jack Clement, a legendary Nashville character who is a member of the Country Music Song Writers Hall of Fame. Clement also sings the song.

Previously, Miller and Clement collaborated on "Everywhere I've Ever Been Was On My Way Back Home."

Back during the Carter Administration's gas woes of the 1970's, Miller wrote, "You Can't Ration Nothing (That I Ain't Done Without)."

Miller is also the chief sponsor of the music-industry-kiss-up Beethoven for Babies legislation - about which, what the zell, he might even be sincere.

And judging by his latest remarks that he should have stayed home with his dogs instead of going to the RNC, I think he might just be an old trucker who's done one too many runs.

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