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His Pink Moon Also Riseth

Richard Buckner is the latest Nick Drake-style beneficiary of Volkswagen's valiant soundtrack dept, with his years-old tune Ariel Ramirez coming in for the commercial treatment, as found here, and reported on this not-ready-for-prime-time new Buckner site. Several friends have seen it already during Olympics coverage, so the posted Oct. 13 start date is way off - though that is when Rick's new disc Dents and Shells is due from Merge. Track list: 1. A Chance Counsel 2. Firsts 3. Invitation 4. Straight 5. Her 6. Charmers 7. Fuse 8. Rafters 9. Picture Day 10. As The Waves Will Always Roll. Tremendous!

Merge's site also informed me about a fine new feature on Destroyer by Michael Barclay on Radio 3 (click on the "Relaunch Radio 3" button) that quotes my Destroyer piece last year and is accompanied by sumptuous photos and soundtrack of Destroyer-meets-Frog Eyes versions of Your Blues tunes - for those of us who missed their joint tour. They rock in a way that should suit old-school D-yer fans who couldn't hack the ultra-synth of the studio album. Dan's performances are utterly off-the-hook and I love it whenever F.E.'s Carey ululates along.

Also note that the answers to the Lit Rock quiz are now posted below, with annotations. Did you know, for instance, about the James Joyce "Chamber Music Project" album featuring 36 artists, including Mercury Rev, Bardo Pond, Mike Watt, Minus 5 with Peter Buck and Jeff Tweedy, Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley (separately), Bark Psychosis and Jessica Bailiff? No, you did not. So you need to scroll down there and get on the clue bus!

Also note that due to outta-control comment spamming, I'm shuttering that feature, so email if you want to chat, pretty please.

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