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The No "There" There Kid

The new McSweeney's political-$ raising project Future Dictionary of America features sometimes-funny sometimes-not definitions from the mid-distance future from Kurt Vonnegut, Art Spiegelman, Stephen King, T.C. Boyle, ZZ Packer, Michael Chabon, Jeffrey Eugenides, Jonathan Safran Foer, Joyce Carol Oates, Sarah Vowell, etc., but what concerns us here is the accompanying CD, which is so far as I know the first - and the question is, "of many?" - political-song compilations to come out in this U.S. electoral cycle, Future Soundtrack for America.

[Edited to add: oops, not quite the first; there's also the Rock Against Bush punk compilations, Vol 1. and 2.]

Track listing action:

OK Go : This Will Be Our Year
David Byrne : Ain't Got So Far To Go
Jimmy Eat World : Game of Pricks (BBC evening session)
Death Cab For Cutie : This Temporary Life
Blink-182 : I Miss You (James Guthrie mix)
Mike Doughty : Move On
Ben Kweller : Jerry Falwell Destroyed Earth
Sleater-Kinney : Off With Your Head
R.E.M. : Final Straw (MoveOn mix)
Bright Eyes : Going for the Gold (live)
The Long Winters : The Commander Thinks Aloud (future mix) of The Black Eyed Peas : Money
They Might Be Giants : Tippecanoe And Tyler Too
Clem Snide : The Ballad of David Icke
Yeah Yeah Yeahs : Date With the Night (live)
Fountains of Wayne : Everything's Ruined (acoustic)
Nada Surf : Your Legs Grow
The Flaming Lips : Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (live on the BBC)
Old 97's : Northern Line
Laura Cantrell : Sam Stone
Tom Waits : Day After Tomorrow
Elliott Smith : A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free

You'd have to take about half of that goofy shit off there for me to buy it, but worth tracking for those of us who are watching such developments and wondering if there'll be a pro-administration analogue. Obviously enticing collectors to buy rare tracks is a fine way to raise cash and probably more effective than writing 'political' songs (please see here and here) for most songslingers.

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