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Blog Attacked! And Emily Haines Attacked Too

Some robot somewhere has been comment-bombing me - this morning at least 8 new spam comments appeared on every entry on this site, to a total of thousands. Any Jack the Robot Killers out there with tips on cleanup and prevention, they're appreciated. (It's movable type if that's not obvs.)

In other news - at the El Mocambo this weekend, Emily Haines of Metric hits the stage blindfolded and feels her way to a piano in the dark, then proceeds to play 45 minutes' worth of slow creepy music with her back almost turned to the crowd. Frank and Graig have radically different reactions, so much so that their reviews are documentary evidence that there is no such thing as objective aesthetic assessment. I'm so bo-o-ored with crit-i-cal con-sen-sus and add-a-line debate, that I'm drawn to the way total disagreements crack open discursive/wu-li-masters-dancing-mind space.

I wasn't in attendance but from what they say I suspect that I'd be on the pro-slow-creepy-Emily side - I could take or leave every aspect of Metric except her pipes and the theatrical way she uses them, and those qualities would probably be in the black-light spotlight in this kind of show.

(As much as I like big huge showmanship - as at Friday's Hidden Cameras show, which would have been stupendous if there had been better sound (it was bad) and if there had been more between-pews room for dancing (the church up the street is better) - I also like aggressive anti-showmanship like Emily's back-turned grammar here. That slack shit in-between that you get from the other 90 per cent? Hmph.)

Much to talk about from Saturday's alternative-black-music gabfest at Harbourfront with the likes of K-Os and Shawn Hewitt and Graph Nobel and James Spooner and Kandia Crazy Horse - for instance, one of the last statements of the day was that all music critics should just be killed off, hmmm - but sadly no time right now. Dontcha worry, it'll come back to haunt us/ like the ghost of Pocahontas.

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Spamwise you need MT blacklist. Also, upgrade your MT - from 2.66 (or something like that) on, MT automatically blocks mass commenting of that sort. MT 3 has a bunch of spamguards including registration and moderation.

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I've come around since Saturday to the opinion that if it had been physically possible for me to concentrate on the music, I might have appreciated it for what it was. So intense was my discomfort in the club, however, that I just couldn't. And when the other punters in the club realized they weren't getting an MTV Unplugged show they got chatty, which didn't help things at all. I was just all-around grumpy after the show, justifiably or no.

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