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Blind Item: Middle C Ain't Nothin' But A Bank Note

An exchange overheard on a listserv today, talking about the Yep Rock band The 45s, naming no names --

Listmember1: >> Picked up *Fight Dirty* for $0.99 the other day; worth owning?
Listmember 2: > Yes, and you should mail the band $9.01.

Wow, music business propaganda is really working. I mean, yes, that'd be very nice, but are we now to feel guilty for buying things second-hand or on sale?

If I buy a pair of shoes second-hand for $20 should I feel obliged to mail $60 to the shoe designer? If I buy a remaindered book, should I tote up the cost as if the book hadn't been remaindered, and send it in to the publisher?

Sure, piracy's a bitch (and a sweet hootchie mama too). But we still live in a market economy, for better and worse. We're allowed to sell each other stuff, in general. (The reason we call file-sharing "piracy" is that it actually breaks the rules, by distributing illicit copies; if you gave up the file whenever you passed it on to someone else, that would be legal, I think.)

Saying, "Do the band a favour and buy it new, if you can possibly afford it" makes sense to me. But saying, "You are a criminal until you have handed over the designated price even if you got your cheap deal in a totally legal way"? That's ideology, and a funny-strange byproduct of the separation of music from its physical embodiment, thanks to the interweb.

Imagine he didn't get a CD but a vinyl record for his $0.99 -- doesn't that reflexively seem somehow more virtuous? Funny the tricks the mind plays when subjected to a years-long campaign by large corporate lobby groups.

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Remember the campaigns against used CD sales by the major labels in the early 90's? They whined at Congress, they ganged up on distributors and retail chains. They really tried to convince people that used CD sales were wrong. Garth Brooks was the poster boy.

Of course, now they have bigger problems.

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