by carl wilson

It's a Shame about (Both) Rays

A wonderful, unusual cover by Eric Palma on The New Yorker this week puts Ray Charles in his rightful place - on a $10 bill, as the father of a country yet to be dreamt outside the fantastically democratic republic of sound in his country-gospel-soul-jazz-rockin' music. The NY'er seldom does topical covers: The last time I can recall, it was for the fall of the twin towers. How sensitive to make an exception for the fall of this pop titan. As well, it's a nicely restrained Noo Yawkah-style fuck-you to the necro-Reagan-philia and any notion of putting that bastard's face in the same location. (Oh, and it turns out to be a meme.)

Meanwhile, Canada's own late Ray Condo is remembered and celebrated tomorrow (Sun. June 27, $7) at a tribute concert at the Horseshoe Tavern (370 Queen St. West). In fact it starts at the Cameron House, where the Countrypolitans have their own set from 6 to 8 pm, and then Big Rude Jake will lead a "jazz processional" parade over to the 'Shoe. (That also marks the close of the Condo picture exhibition I Wish That It Had Been A Dream, by shooter Gayle Hurmuses.)

Most of the bill for the tribute is predictable (as much it should be) -- Jake, the Bebop Cowboys, Steve Ketchen, John Borra, Tom Parker, Scott B., Brian Connolly, Scotty Campbell, etc. etc. - but one highlight is that Gerard Van Herk of the late, cheeze-grated 1980s-Montreal scene kingpins Deja Voodoo (and Og Records) will be on hand. Van Herk has been out of the music game for a long time, a linguistics prof in Ottawa; for him to make an appearance makes this evening all the more special. (Along with the promised pie-baking and honky-tonk fashion contests!)

(You can read my obituary for Condo here.)

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