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Lots else to get to sometime today but a simple note that on Monday, Magali Meagher of the Phonemes (and ex-Hidden Cameras) is playing Holy Joe's, 651 Queen Street West, at Bathurst, 10-10:30 p.m., pay what you can. Magali's in my Toronto Music Yearbook tagged Most Likely to Succeed in the songwriting section. In the Singing section she's already busted that sucka. Steve Kado refers to her work as a "lesson in language learning, massive historical guilt, various animals and eating utensils," though (characteristically) he left one thing out: love. Yes, Steve, love.

If you miss this one, you can catch MM again with the Phonemes on June 26, in the worthy yet cool Cahoots Theatre Summer Youth Projects Benefit feat. Sea Snakes, Phonemes, Final Fantasy @ The Theatre Centre at Queen & Dovercourt. $8.

camraz.jpg The Hidden Cameras: That's Magali (as well as Mathias, far left) of the Phonemes on drums second from left. (The others are: Maggie McDonald, of the debuting-on-Wednesday-at-the-Drake-Hotel new band Republic of Safety, Justin, Gentleman Reg, Joel, Graham, Owen of Les Mouches/Final Fantasy (also appearing at Wednesday's RoS world premiere), Bob Wiseman.) Photo by Guntar Kravis, stolen from the Cameras' website. Guiltily.

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Hey! Also a member of the Hidden Cameras *and* appearing at Wednesday's RoS premiere night (as part of Kill Unit) is Mike Olsen (not pictured; he's usually on cello). Thought you might want to know.

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