by carl wilson

Throbbing Error

Doing weekly articles on artists from all over, it can be tough to get yourself schooled up overnight. [...]

This week, I knew that I wasn't clear on the whole backstory of Kraftwerk, so I read the relevant parts of five or six books and a couple of hundred pages of clippings to make sure I didn't mess up. Predictably, I then went ahead and got an important detail wrong in the section of the column that was about a band I've followed more closely, Einsturzende Neubauten.

My mistake was gently corrected by an unimpeachable source, Toronto's own Greg Clow, who hosts the Feedback Monitor program on CIUT radio, stages shows as Stained Productions and releases music as Piehead Records, and probably saves the starving children of Botswana in his spare time. Greg writes:

Great article, Carl, especially for an old electro/industrial head like me. Just one small nit-pick...

>Not surprisingly, Neubauten has never had a pop hit. But it had an
>influence: Its scrapes and screeches were mixed with electro in
>"industrial" music by Throbbing Gristle, Ministry, Canada's Skinny Puppy,
>and eventually Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson.

Throbbing Gristle actually formed in 1975/76 - several years before
Neubauten - and they split in 1981 before EN had made much of an impact. So
it's more likely that TG influenced EN, not vice-versa.

The damnable thing is that I did have a little bell - or maybe it was an amplified cement mixer - go off in my head when I put TG in that list, but forgot to double-check my chronology. My apologies to Greg and to all of you, and most of all to Mr. Genesis P-Orridge, who, once again, has been wronged.

By the way, Throbbing Gristle is doing a special one-time-only (they say emphatically) reunion festival called RE-TG on May 14-16 at Pontin's Holiday Resort, Camber Sands (in Kent), England, with all four original TG members -
- and industrial-music royalty such as Coil, Neubauten's F.M. Einheit, The Normal (of Warm Leatherette fame) as a DJ, Richard H. Kirk, and such unpleasant-music heirs as Pansonic, Matmos, Merzbow, Scanner, Black Dice and others. Oh, and lamentably, a site-specific artwork by the Chapman Brothers (Genesis has never had good taste in associates). If I could afford it, I'd thank Greg for his attention by sending him a ticket - but prices range from 500 to over 1,000 pounds sterling, including accommodations.

While we're on the subject, didja know that former Neubauten bassist Mark Chung is now a vice-president at Sony Records? It's a sad and beautiful world, Bob.

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Glad to be of service, and thanks for the props! I've mentioned this over in my own blog/journal as well, if only so more people will read your otherwise excellent article.

Posted by Greg Clow on April 23, 2004 10:48 AM




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