by carl wilson

Until the Fat (or Just Curvy?) Lady Sings

Okay, this is non-music-related but I can't resist posting it. Given the sudden new prominence of Jamie-Lynn DiScala on several magazine covers this month, and the general dodge-'em predilections of The Sopranos as a series.... has it occurred to anyone else that the last season might end with Tony whacked or otherwise incapacitated, and Meadow taking over as boss? I mean, who else is even plausibly smart enough? AJ would be the more obvious cycle-of-destruction candidate, but for a fixatedly Freudian series, Meadow has the more Electra-tragic credentials - and the only mind anywhere around up to the task. How they'd get her there from here is a good question, but never underestimate the perversity of David Chase... Anyway, aside from the series' convenient title and constantly interesting soundtrack, this is of course a tangent, so [/digression] here.

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