by carl wilson

4th Pyramid Penetrates 49th Parallel

It's a milestone for Canadian hip-hop, undie division, as Toronto's 4th Pyramid becomes the first northerner signed to Definitive Jux. Typically, of course, I've never heard 4th Pyramid, but I'll be correcting that asap.

Other corrections to be made: New posts, after a barren pause, coming soon to a Zoilus near you. Not just tomorrow's column link, but my new feature, One Track, Mined - in which your gentle host attempts to weasel around the impossibility of having enough time to do intelligent reviews of his huge pile of recent albums by instead reviewing one track at semi-random from each of said albums.

One Track, Mined: The seminal voice in near-certainly misleading music criticism.

Also coming soon: The new Destroyer album properly discussed, after I had to recuse myself from reviewing it for the Globe (as I'll explain). How soon? I'm aiming for tonight. (EDIT: Okay, I failed, falling into a blissful but Zoilus-free sleep. So on the weekend, for sure.)

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