by carl wilson

Waxing the Mannequin

Sounds like "spanking the bishop," doesn't it? But get yer minds out of the gutter. The subject of my column this week is the extraordinary Wax Mannequin, Hamilton, Ont.'s gift to the history of rock'n'roll hyperbole and chameleonic performance a la David Bowie, David Byrne in his Big Suit, the Legendary Stardust Cowboy and the Unknown Comic. I had a fine interview with his alias, Chris Adeney, last night, and you can read the results tomorrow.

But what to do meanwhile? Well, go to Tin Tin Tin of course (see below), but if you're out of town, or it's not 8:00 yet, I thought you might like to preview some of Wax's music, which you can do here and/or here.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson