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Tin Tin Tin-itus

My Drake Hotel series begins in a couple of short weeks. Here are the "deets," as my "peeps" have of late been prone to quoth. There will be many of these annoucements. Many.

curated by Carl Wilson
Wed. Feb 18 2004
@ the Drake Underground
- Joe Sorbara's Pickle Juice Orchestra & Deep Dark United do Christian Wolff's "Burdocks" or possibly John Zorn's "Cobra"
- The Three Ring Circuits: Jonny Dovercourt (guitar), mn-l (electronics), QuasiMojo (more electronics), possibly plus Jenny from the Bar Mitzvah Brothers
- Polmo Polpo, Great Bob Scott, Chris Gartner and maybe Mary Margaret O'Hara improvise to movies about baboons
- the PREMIERE of Maggie MacDonald's Rat King Mini-Rock-Opera featuring members of the Hidden Cameras, Phonemes, Kids on TV, Hank, Gentleman Reg
- Visuals by Tyler Clark Burke
- Dancing courtesy of the Global Pop Conspiracy selectors

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Zut alors. Yet another GPC PA that the Edinburgh branch misses. I'll always have the summer of 2002 and the '03 xmas party. sniff.

Posted by Sean on February 12, 2004 9:03 AM




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