by carl wilson

Hungry Like Christian Wolff

My Globe and Mail column this week is a quick introduction to the work of Christian Wolff, the last surviving member of the New York School of composers (the others were John Cage, Morton Feldman and Earle Brown). Wolff has been composing since he studied with Cage at 16 (!) - and he turns 70 this year - so he embodies a very rare degree of depth of experience in the experimental-music world.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to get very much said about this kind of material in a newspaper article; you can't assume any background on your readers' part, so by the time you've explained what's the what, there's precious little space left for discussion of it. Special thanks to Toronto composer Martin Arnold for providing pithy quotes on what sets Wolff apart from the, er, pack. If you're around Toronto, you can see Martin improvise a set with Wolff as part of the Arraymusic Scratch! festival this week, running through Saturday.

Also in today's Globe and Mail is a very short review of the recent Sun Kil Moon album by Mark Kozelek of Red House Painters fame - pegged to Kozelek's gig at the Horseshoe on Friday night.

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