by carl wilson

The Destroyer/Frog Eyes Axis of Evil

This just in from the desk of Destroyer: Dan Bejar is currently rehearsing with Frog Eyes for a joint tour of North America, April-June, in much-warranted celebration of Yer Blues, the upcoming new Destroyer disc on Merge.

The intriguing fact here is that after their opening set, the Frog Eyes musicians will mutate into the new Destroyer band and back Dan on his set. Two of Zoilus's favourite bands join forces! It should make for a dramatically different sound than the live band from the previous Destroyer record (This Night) and from the solo-crooner-with-synthesized-orchestra that's to be found on the recorded version of Yer Blues. (Which, by the way, you can sample at the Merge site by clicking on the link above.)

For future updates keep yer peepers trained on, the first name in Destroyer news.

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Yow! This has got to be one of the most amazing pieces of news I have had in a while. After spending all day securing tickets to the Pcxie show I get to top it off by acquiring tickets to the upcoming Brave New Waves 20th anniversary Frog Eyes/Destoyer show. thanks for this piece of news, now I can promote this show to friends with even more fervor.

Time for spring, time for spring!

Posted by kalin on February 21, 2004 04:54 PM




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