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Zoilus' Toronto Gig Guide has been exhaustively & exhaustingly updated this evening, so if you're in the hereabouts, look into the link that will predict your future.

Among the additions is the November 9 Just Ace of Spades show at The Boat in Kensington Market, the perfect charity event for rockers too hungover to do a walkathon on a given weekend morning and too kool to sell raffle tickets: What you do is get people to pledge donations based on how many hours you can spend listening to Ace of Spades (yeah, the Motorhead song). The Boat will play Ace of Spades for six hours straight that night. Are you Lemmy enough to handle it? If so, go download a pledge form. (Yeah, it's a week-plus away, but you need time to get your doners signed up, right?)

But first, this weekend comes Sunday's annual Canzine festival of alt-culture, held where I lay my head each night, the Gladstone Hotel. I don't really buy the organizers' claims that zine culture is as hale as ever and hasn't been supplanted by blogville and environs. My informants tell me the gang at zine gatherings is creeping steadily up in age. To be a zine producer isn't quite yet like being a collector of 78s, but it's on its way. (Not that there's anything wrong with being a collector of 78s, or even of Edison cylinders!) But state-of-zines-debate aside, the great thing about Canzine is that somehow in recent years it has developed into its own genre - that is, if you have an art idea that doesn't seem to fit anywhere, or even be worth developing too far, for instance a bunch of people pretending to be pirates or a half-dozen bands recording CDs of songs they make up on the spot on the hour every hour, one of your options is to turn it into "A Room At Canzine." This year's Rooms include Jim Munroe's No Media Kings 5th Anniversary Party; Misha Glouberman's Game Emporium; Amy Lam and Zeesy Powers's Arcadia; Darren O'Donnell's Diplomatic Immunities; Project 3 Media's Digital Grassroots; The Best of Art Metropole's Multiples. I know what some of these things are (Misha's Game Emporium involves a score of people taking commands from a talking robotic stick), but I'm also eager to be surprised.

Plus, Zoilus and Mrs. Zoilus's romance sorta-began at a Canzine five years ago, so it will always occupy a pedestal in my poetic inventory.

ALSO I hope many of you are going tonight to the secret location.

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Thanks for the support, Carl! Pledge forms are not yet available, but should be downloadable through the Indiepolitik website by the end of the weekend. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

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