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Chant'ses Are


More to come this afternoon but wanted to let you know that the final days of June have been honoured with an update in the Zoilus Toronto live guide (and July's guide is imminent), including jazz-festival picks.

Of special note is tonight's show at the New Works Studio featuring several local improvisors (Joe Sorbara, Eric Chenaux, Colin Fisher and Ken Aldcroft) with Tom Chant, a UK soprano saxophonist who is part of the Eddie Prevost Trio, the Cinematic Orchestra, the Marseille Figs and the London Improvisers Orchestra, among others, as well as collaborating with Ninja Tune types like Coldcut and DJ Vadim. My impression is that he began - like many sopranoists - as a Steve Lacy acolyte, but has moved away from such melodic (and harmolodic) walkabouts in favour of more abstract pools of sound - but as Bagatellen says, he's reputed to be the "real deal." Check out Joe Sorbara's web page for more. That's at 319 Spadina, 9 pm, $10.

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I tried to get onto Zoilus today from the computers at my school (International Academy of Design and Technology), where they have this new content-blocking program installed into the web browsers, and believe it or not, Zoilus was filtered out for "adult content" ridiculous! I guess Gwo Ka and Glenn Gould must be considered pornographic now.

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