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Live Evil

I Like It When You Tell Me What to Do: Rat King author Maggie MacDonald as shot by the Queen's Journal.

First read this: Yesterday's Times piece on rock radio is a good wake-up slap for anybody who mixes up the current rock revival with, say, grunge. Still, seeing that Arcade Fire brigade out all through this week makes you wonder if the shift away from radio and CDs (to Internet, iPod and other ways of listening) makes the indie boom look smaller than it really is.

A few fast reminders & announcements of live Toronto highlights this weekend: Maggie MacDonald's Rat King: First-ever full-length public reading, with slides and songs, of this agit-prop-'pataphysical stage musical by Maggie from the Hidden Cameras, Republic of Safety, Dating Service (ex-Barcelona Pavilion). Scenes from Rat King were first staged on the opening night of my Tin Tin Tin series last year. Sunday at the Cameron House, 5 pm, $5 or pwyc.

Tonight: Patty Griffin at the Mod Club, Joel Plaskett at Hugh's Room (also Saturday and Sunday!), Matt Masters at Mitzi's Sister with the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, and Deep Dark United at the Tranzac.

Saturday: Quinsin Nachoff's New Horizons Ensemble at the Royal Conservatory of Music, and Negativland and Diamanda Galas at the Open Ears festival in London. (See tomorrow's Overtones.)

Sunday: Negativland in Toronto at the Drake Hotel.

Me, I'll be in Montreal, where I might go see Caribou, Junior Boys and Russian Futurists tonight but more likely will go see Sir Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls) tomorrow. I'll check in at column time tomorrow but otherwise, smell ya Monday.

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Come stop by Caribou, Vilson!

Also, don't give short shrift to Wolf Parade just yet...

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