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M.I.A.: Still coming into focus. [From Them Finest.]

Pics and a short vid and gabbery from last night's M.I.A. gig can be found at Them Finest. Zoilus's general take is that she will be great at this, but she doesn't really have her stage legs yet, and the no-way-a-dance-club that is the Under-Drake wasn't the best place to try to find them, tho the guest-lists-gone-wild crowd gave it the old college-radio-DJ try. But it's also prob'ly the coziest place ever to see her, as she'll be too big. Or else she'll be done, it's one or the other. Also it needed to be more loud. The volume was too Toronto wussyfoot hush-hush on the bass end. But even in dress-rehearsal raggedness, it was one to remember, including the sweet mental picture of her down dancing in the crowd after she was done, to Diplo's bangin mix. Torontoist has a more name-dropping account. (Along with the sad story of a T-dot graffiti artist struck down by a train - RIP Bardia Bryan "Alpha" Zargham - a story Zoilus was shocked and proud to find came from The Globe, without a hint of moralizing condescension [except for the inappropriate sarcasm in the headline, which you know is not the writer's fault, right? Right.] Kudos to Tony Reinhart.)

For more in the MIA saga, watch for this weekend's Overtones. Meanwhile Sasha gets the final word on last year's diva: "Nellie McKay would like you to know she also won three spelling bees in a row and can do The Mikado in French." S-, as they say, -n-a-p!

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thanks for linking me mang

Posted by Rory on February 8, 2005 1:32 AM



Don't write about this! The Junos are coming! The JUNOS are coming!

Posted by Sean on February 7, 2005 6:25 PM



yo carl. kind of regret not going to the show, but looks like my initial misgivings about the venue were right.

i look forward to the stirring conclusion of our saga in your column, myself i think i'm done writing about MIA (at least for the time being;)

good to see our little scuffle turn heads all over the blogosphere though. toronto reppin' hard. peace.

Posted by luca on February 4, 2005 11:44 AM




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