by carl wilson

Put Your Rock'n'Roll Hands in the Goddamn Burning Sand


Frog Eyes, makers of last year's No. 1 Zoilus album (with the above-pic'd force of nature, Canada's greatest new songwriter Carey Mercer) at the Horseshoe last night: Discouragingly low-attended, maybe 30-40 people there at the peak, but a fanatic cluster up front dancing and cheering to Carey's Beefheart-sings-the-Weavers wonderment. The mix sucked so his virtuoso swoops were sapped of all punch and you couldn't make out the ecological pirate epics in the lyrics. As well I think this show set the record for the number of people who attended alone that I've seen at any rock show this year. People get the way the music's hermetic, it seems, but not how hypercommunal it is?

This year we've been graced with three Frog Eyes-related discs - the 'proper' third album The Folded Palm, Carey's solo project Blackout Beach, and perhaps my favourite, the stripped-down 'acoustic' disc, Ego Scriptor. The highlight of last night's show was probably the rendition of that disc's opening track A Latex Ice Age, which began almost a capella then built into a cracking-glacier-noise cascade. All three albums will furnish you with an entirely new reality in which to live.

Post-show highlight was a story told by bassist Michael Rak about a club they played in Winnipeg where a soundman cranked up on crystal crawled under the stage and somehow managed to suffocate himself down there and die. Nobody knew where he had gone - they assumed he'd gone missing in the streets, and the club actually staged a benefit show to aid in the search. So the performers got up and sang tributes to the local legend-to-be and pled for info as to the poor bastard's whereabouts, "come home stan, come home" (if his name was stan), from the very stage his body was decomposing under. The story goes that it was such a beer and tobacco-smoked dive bar so nobody smelled anything rotten - and he wasn't discovered till the Manitoba smoking ban kicked in.

Rak added that last night was the best show of the tour so far. My sympathies, noble Frog Eyes.

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