by carl wilson

"We Don't See Eye to Eye/ Or Hear Ear to Ear"


Forgot to mention yesterday that the Globe had a review from me of one of Feist's Toronto appearances last weekend (which totalled three, including her surprise Wavelength set). You can still read it here. The piece is perhaps a little gentle on Feist's songs, which sometimes aren't very good, in my opinion; but she, as a performer, is good, and with all the pleasurable things that were going on in this show, especially Shary Boyle's projections, it didn't matter. Much of the time I forgot to listen to the songs anyway.

I also didn't have space to mention Gentleman Reg's somewhat tentative but memorable opening set - Reg's songs are amazingly well-crafted, as if almost any of them could be covers of big British hits from the eighties sometime. The sound at the Mod Club muddied up some of the tunes with more mid-range vocals, but when he took off into the upper register, it rang like a bell through the club and the great pleasure he took in what his voice can do was contagious.

Edited to add: You can see some of what I was on about by peeking at some nice shots of the show by Frank at the super

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