by carl wilson

"I Knew Then What I Know Now"

Here's the set list from tonight's Massey Hall concert by Elvis Costello with Attractions pianist Steve Nieve. My review will be in The Globe on Wednesday [here], but I could only mention a few bits of this three-hour set show there. It was my first time seeing Elvis, after about 20 years as a fan. After tonight's tour de force, it won't be my last - while a full-band show would have been nice, this context allowed one to concentrate closely on the songs, and the Nieve-Costello Wrecking Squad approach to the old chestnuts is a blast. I've even been persuaded to pick up North, tho I wonder if this material is better in solo-piano settings than with strings and horns etc on the album... Unless otherwise noted, the settings for these tunes were Nieve on piano, synth and melodica, and Elvis on various guitars or just singing.

1. 45 (from When I Was Cruel)
2. I Hope You're Happy Now (Blood & Chocolate)
3. Suit of Lights (King of America)
4. Shot with His Own Gun (Trust)
5. This House Is Empty Now (Painted from Memory)
6. You Left Me in the Dark (North)
7. Someone Took the Words Away (North)
8. Home Truth (Goodbye Cruel World)
9. Motel Matches (Get Happy)
10. No Wonder (For the Stars, the Sophie Muetter collaboration)
11. For the Stars (For the Stars)
12. Veronica (Spike)
13. You Turned to Me (North)
14. Fallen (North)
15. God's Comic (Spike)
16. Shipbuilding (Punch the Clock)
17. What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding? (Armed Forces)
encore i
18.The Poisoned Rose (King of America)
19. Brilliant Mistake (King of America)
20. When It Sings (North)
21. Still (North)
22. Can You Be True? (North)
23. Inch By Inch/Fever (Goodbye Cruel World)
24. Watching the Detectives (My Aim Is True)
encore ii
25. The Delivery Man (new)
26. Country Darkness (new)
27. From Monkey to Man (new)
28. Either Side of the Same Town (on the Howard Tate disc)
29. Needle Time (new)
encore iii
30. Almost Blue (Imperial Bedroom)
31. Let Me Tell You About Her (North) - elvis solo on piano
32. Clings Like Ivy (new) - elvis solo on piano
33. The Scarlet Tide (Cold Mountain) - elvis solo on ukelele
34. North (North)
35. Pump It Up (This Year's Model)
36. Dark End of the Street (Dan Penn/Chips Moman)

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