by carl wilson


Inside Extermination Music Night
(In-Depth Version)

Charice is a Word I Use to Describe...
Defragging the D-Mag
When the Jest Becomes Infinite,
It's Not Funny Any More

Max Tundra: Music to Pass Out
with Meringue in Your Hair By

Wajdi Mouawad to Stephen Harper:
'Do Not Ignore That Reflection on the Opposite Shore'

Dreaming Out Loud: Zorn at Guelph
Short-Attention-Span Friday
David Berman:
From a DMZ at the back of the universe

Coming Out of the Black Patch
Stick a Pitchfork In It, PTW's Done
Tin Pan Idol:
Echo's Songs Rock and SOCAN You

Horsetail Feathers!
Final Fantasy meets Alex Lukashevsky
(and Nico Muhly and many others)

Teenager Hamlet 2006-2008:
Something Un-Rotten in the State of Toronto

Radio Silence
'Do You Suffer from Post-Mortem Depression?'
I'm Out Like Flout
(plus a plug for Tramp Hall)

Thursday Reading:
HolyP-Orridge BonnieTyrannaLove

Long Long Overdue
'Anyone Caught Doing Culture, It Was a Career Killer'
And Other Just-So Stories

They Say Everyone's a Critic...
Let's Listen to Them Talk About Let's Talk About Love
Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Pop Montreal Edition
From Bad to Verse?
Forced to Write About American Idol?
Call Our Help Line Now

Matmos and Leprechaun Catering:
Their Minds Are Not For Rent/ To God or Government

More on 'Missing the Monoculture'
Two Jazz-Funk Great Happenings
Woah, oh, oh, we're counting to four
You Scream, I Scream,
and Then You Scream My Scream

All the Young Dave Matthews Dudes
(Were Not at the Alejandro Escovedo Show)
(Plus: RIP Schroer; Polaris noms)

Calgartopia Riseth?
My Weekend & Open-Source Cobra!
Suoni Per il Toronto:
Evan Parker Trio, Feuermusik, Neptune

They Can't Get On His System 'Cuz His System Is The Solar
Plus: Bishop Bros. Revisited

I, I, I, I Am Gonna Play Sun City ... Girls!
(Plus: Laurie Anderson, Parkdale Public, and RIP The Silt)

Polaris Top 40 Announced
Watching the Ripples
Bloody Momofuku Asshole
Love Don't Change
I Miss the Tyrant
Starlet Sing-Off, Round 2
The Sadies' Most Wanted
Concrete Tonight!
Speaking Concretely
Rocks On!
(Concrete Toronto Music)

June Listings...
Scarlett Letter
Yon Ferrets Return
May 25 & June 1: Zoilus presents
Concrete Toronto Music!

Goodnight Mr. Rauschenberg
Jive Talkin': Doing it live
Heaven Knows I'm Miscellaneous Now
Now Read This: Gimme Liberty
or Gimme Indie Lazer Bass

Destroyer Again: "There's No Salt to Be Passed"
Hidden Agenda
Street Fighting Man?
Destroyer in Toronto, April 19:
"A Nightmare," Three Witches Chant,
Confounding Nerds' Aim

Clap Clap Culture
EMP 2008: Academy Fight Song
Bona valetudo melior est quam maximae divitiae
What's the Matter with
(the Son of that Mom from) Kansas?

Rattle Your Keys in Parkdale Tonight
No Ordinary Love:
"Double Bill #1"

Goodbye Excentrico (RIP Klaus Dinger)
And Other News

Au Claire de l'Histoire:
Recording History Revised

Survey: Hello, Turrronnto!
(Goodbye, Gig Guide?)

Conduction Junction, What's Your Funktion?
A Compressed Thought
Three or Four Goats out of Five?
Istvan Kantor's Transmission Machine:
Message (Redundantly) Received

Printably Yours
'Hoof Has Seen the Wind:
On Deerhoof and Silences

Guitars Everywhere Weep: Jeff Healey, RIP
Canadian Music Peek
Encore un verre, une cigarette...
Sympathy with Queen and Portland
'Blasting open an escape hatch
to flee a culture we despised':
RIP Jim Jones, 1950-2008

When We Talk About ...
Passages: Robbe-Grillet, Val Ross
May the Most Uncanny Candidate Win
Goodnight, Willie P
Clearly I've fucked up:
Vampire Weekend,

Dis-concerted: Live Notes -
Keren Ann, Dean and Britta, Baby Dee

4 Quickies for Possible Later Expansion
Publicity Season Winds Down: February Gig Guide Up Now
Marginalia: And the Award Goes to ...
John Darnielle, Master of Reality
and 33 1/3's Publishing-Heretics' Pride

The Rest is ... Poise
The Comeback Kid with a Last-Minute Motion
Did Obama Really Touch My Book?
Ask Me in NYC

Mirror, Mirror, on the Blogspot,
Tell Me What Reviews I Got

Book-Launch Memories: The Power of The Power of Love
News from Nairobi: Extra Golden Need Your Gold
Jazz Bloggers at the IAJE:
There's No Arguing With Darcy James

X to The Power of Love
Ghosting the Gramophone
2007 Eye Poll Ballot
Albums That Deserved More
of Your (and My) Lurve in '07

Kiss My Lips & Twist My List
A New Year Has Come...
Quick note
It's a Holiday, Such a Holiday...
My Book, but in Iraq
And by GB Trudeau

Freakin' is Our Business &
Stock Options Are Peakin':
Fairies, Turtles, Ninjas ... and Me

Christine Fellows:
'They're Just Letting in a Little Light'

Queering the Pitch
(An Expression Whose Literal Meaning
I Have Only Just Now Come To Understand)

I, Mediawhore
So Long, It's Been Good to Know You
Plus: The 'Shoe Fits

Crossbloggery @
Ian Brown's Boy in the Moon
Sweet Sounds a-Comin' In
Taking Liberties with Susan Howe
'Taste Test'
It's Only Just Begun
Mrs. Extra Extra
Tinariwen @ the Mod Club and Ethnic Opacity
Brooks Brother's Suit
So Sweet, So Cool, So Fair
Sonic Youth 'Ahead of Curve' Reputation
Takes V1agra Hit Lee RU OK?

A Culture-Based Economy or an Economy-Based Culture?
Chaining Miss Daisy 2
(More Interconnected Miscellany)

Chaining Miss Daisy (Notes from All Over)
Indie, Class and the Death of Bohemia: 2
Indie, Class and the Death of Bohemia: 1
Organic Vs Silicon Intellectuals
How the Hell Are You, Blue Roses
Iva Bittova, and Wine Music vs. Beer Music
Passing the Secret (Society) Along
The Bodybuilder & Jim Guthrie & I
Bizarre Love Triangle:
Skye Sweetnam Steals Joel Gibb's Boyfriend

Dave Hickey and Sheila Heti:
Down Around the Lizard Brain

33 1/3'ing: Powells
What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Adult Alternative?
'The Global Cipher'
A Reality TV-style Challenge
Gig Guide Note
Prevost and Found: Interface It
'[Indie] Is Poisoned by the Vanity of Its Audience'
Indie, Race, Class, Rock
and Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds: 2

Indie, Race, Class, Rock
and Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds: 1

'Sploded! Post-Halifax Report
Hey Halifax, Is That Your Pop Explosion,
Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Slated and (Soon to Be) Berated
Objects in the Mirrors
Guest Post: A Matador Regains Her Cape
Tune Your Dials to the Heart of the Sun
Bruce, Win & Regine: It Ain't No Sin
To Be Glad You're Alive

Guest Post: Brief Exquisite Encounters
Makin' with the Meta
Bleating Hearts
A Great Swirl of (Let's Talk About) Love
Ubu: Arc of Darkness
Book News!
Nuit Blech: Call It a Sophomore Slump
Things Will Shortly Get Completely Out of Hand
Twilight of the Matador?
The Continuing Adventures of Me
(Plus: Polaris Non-Forecast)

Rough October Listings Finally Up...
Regular Programming Resumes
Goodbye, Young Danish Women
Pop Goes the Conference, 2008
There's an Echo in Here. And in Here. And in Here
Somewhere There's Music
(How Sweet the Tune)

Look at this Showroom, Full of Fabulous Prizes
(Vote Feuermusik!)

Braxton in Session:
'Go to F as in 'fox' - but not as in Fox News'

Midnight is another Jail Guitar
Sexasaurus Rex: R. Kelly's Tightrope Act
(And the Serialized-Single Revolution)

Welcome to the Neighbourworld
Guest Post: A Canadian Remembrance of Tony Wilson
Unleash the Press Hounds
'He could produce genuine surprises'
Knee Plays
'No One Sets Out to Be a Smooth Jazz Musician'
'The Definitive Host' Hosts a Shindig;
Plus: Blankket, Luyas, etc. Last Night

I Never Felt So Much Alike (Alike, Alike, Alike ...)
20th-Century Cinema, RIP
Guest Post: Mind-Expansion in Meaford
Amigos Makin' Art;
Plus, Happy 80th, John Ashbery

Sure Hope the Hanging Judge is Drunk!
Rice Scented in Our Absence:
Paul Haines, In Memorium

Famous Poems Rewritten 2
(Modern Lovers Boogaloo)

Famous Songs Rewritten as Limericks
We Hearby Submit that Pop Montreal
Change Its Name to 'The Paradise on Earth Festival'

Guest Post: Compassionate Consumption
Aural Arrival
Block Ice & Bloodlines
She's Gone Like the Spot
August Gig Guide...
'You can't face a noun so you're straight adverbing it'
Polaris Short List!
Fickle Flickers of Facts and Figures
Geeks in Love
Guest Post: Afrofest & Toumani Diabaté
Going to the Source
Feel-Good Music For Fucked-Up People
Live, Local and in Lo-Res
Notes on Taste:
This Year's Winner for 'Most Withering Venn Diagram'

So Ex-cited
Just Flew in From Facebook...
(Hillary Rodham Clinton
and/or Her Royal Celine)

Handsome Memories
Polaris Express
The Glitchpranos: When the Fat Lady Hiccups

Hang on, St. Christopher Jude
Indie Kids Can't Jump?
The Nights that Say NXNEEE...
Max Poetics: Canada Gets Along With Everyone
At Long Last
I Love Cat & Girl, Part Eleventy Hundred
Amazing Tales: Davis's Blocks Bonanza,
Dixon's Girls Go Swing London

Guest Post: When Adult & Kid Worlds Collide
T-Dot Thrillz Runneth Over
Destination: Now?
Nobody Takes Manhattan First Anymore...
'That was really hardcore -
and you want some more?'

Musique, Actuelley
A Little Off the Top

Zoilus: Now in New Toronto-Lite!
Guest Post: A Chat With Arnold Dreyblatt:
'I had no musical ability at all!'

Joining the Dark Side: Come Along?
Investigate, Impeach, Indict and Incarcerate:
EMP Pop Con, Part 5

Freaks in the Forkways:
EMP Pop Con, Part 4

Good News for 'Sounds of the Ocean':
EMP Pop Con, Part 3

The Death of Rumination?
EMP Pop Con, Part 2

One Week After:
EMP Pop Con 2007, Part 1

Blushing Announcement
Farewells and Au Revoirs
Help a Fella (on a Deadline) Out
Nothing is Bulletproof
Hometown Chuffedness
Hey Hey, We're the Glee Club
The Bad, the Crap, the Trash and the Frame
It's Official: Boss-a-Nova Mania
The Torontoner?
'Bad,' Meet 'Crap':
Can 'Crime-Against-Humanity Art' Be Far Behind?

Genuine Fakes
Turning Around on Rirkrit Tiravanija
A Close Shaver
Omnium Gatherum: Vocal Noise, Scream 4 Streams,
Tune-Troubling Authors & Soul Truffles

Navigational Notes
T-Dot Thrillz: Cobra Cabana
Final Frithisy
This is the Sea
Keep Blissed-Out the Sabbath Day
Just-So Stories
TV: Chamber Indie, the Long Tail
and l'Esprit de l'Escalier

Journeys into the Future-Present
One Hand On This Wily Comet
Moist Feelings: This Weekend in T-Dot Thrillz
(Smith, O'Hara, Queen W. Benefit Partee!)

Guest Post: A Wake for Global Village
MySpace Artists, Unite
(You Have Nothing to Lose But Your 'Friends')

Zoobombs, the Gift that Keeps On Giving
Oh, Avril, How Could You?
Zoilusian Music Weak
It's a Game, It's a Sport, It's an Art: COBRA!
Warum Lauft Herr H. Amok?
Tranzaction Figures
Lighting Up the Tube
Clarification: Chix Trix Need Fix
Many Happy Returns: Belated Centenary Wishes
to W.H. Auden (Plus, a Plug)

Themes & Improvisations on the Blues:
Leroy Jenkins, 1932-2007

Celine Dion, Barney the Dinosaur and
the Weaponization of Culture (A Polemic)

Getting With the Program
Facts: Some Are Tragic,
Some Tantalizing, Others Trivial

T-Dot Thrillz: Not Remotely Lazy Sunday
(With Bonus Hidden Theatre Review)

Beginning to See the Itty-Bitty Book Light
Heart-Shaped Boxes in Your Datebook
(Victo, Ubu and more)

'Well, Wake Up, Rip Van Torn!'
The Songwriting Monster
(AKA, Best Mountain Goats Interview Ever)

Joyous Occasions
Pirate Snit: It's About the Internet, Stupid
Most Hilarious P&J; Ballot of 2007
Mess & Slop 2007
Nostalgia for Last Week
Postmortems: Molly Ivins, Whitney Balliett,
and other passages

From the Office of Updates
feat. Rhys Chatham, Owen Pallett,
Steve Kado, Brave New Waves...

'It's the simple ones that bear the most truth'
Gentrifiers Like Me
A Rimshot in Cupid's Cuspidor
Oh, Inverted Indie World
'The end of an empire is messy at best/
And this empire is ending, like all the rest'

Tepid New Streams: RIP Brave New Waves, 1984-2007
Guest Post: Brook No Argument
Parkdale Gentrification Confab Update
Rock Plaza International
Against the Doctrine of Relatability
Knitting Factory: Quit Bitchin', Start Fixin'
An Inconvenient Truth
Let Them Eat Jazz!
"The L Word" That Keeps On Giving:
Hideous Band Name Alert

Guest Post: SOBs at the OMB
Orders in the Court
Surf City: Monday Notes of Note Omnibus Post
Alice Doesn't Live Here, On This Plane, Anymore
T-Dot Thrillz: Much Ado About the Weekend
Bookmark Over Troubled Waters
See Me, Hear Me, Feel Me: Events 2 Come
William Parker: The Mayor Comes to Town
Border A-peel: Invasion of the Illegal Warhol Bananas
Jack the Tabulation
Help Wanted Ad from Rhys Chatham
& Heavy Thinking in Improv

Here Come (Back) the Cyborgs
Green-Eyed ...
An Angel Moves Too Fast to Drool:
The Reveries & Rhys Chatham

Extra: 2006, An Assistant-Baker's Dozen
Double-0 What? Baltar Budd, Beyonce
and Other New-Year Babies

Tall Ships Made of Snow, Invading the Sun
Year-End Clearance: Top 20 Albums + Singles
Champagne for my Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends
I Ain't Got 'Snobody
Wiping the (Floor with My Adversaries at) Slate!
Masters of their Domains
T-Dot Thrillz: Make Out With Tomboyfriend Tonight
We Apologize for Any Inconvenience
'Dark Things Will Happen to Them Anyway'
Musicking: Sciatic Skronk and Complaints Choirs
Hey, Big Blender, Blend a Little Time with Me
Slated and Enchanted
(Plus: Greil & the Ubu Grail)

Conference of the Nerds
Hock the Bells
Revivalists Dance the Mutation
Rare Crate Digger's Classic: Wanda & the Cupcakes
For Those Who Watch the Mountain Goats
Like a Soap Opera

Top Tens (& a Record that Won't Make Them)
Salut Hello: Getting the Montreal Story Right
Guest Post: Opportunities
(Let's Make Lots of Money)

T-Dot Thrillz: This Weekend in the Rec Dept.
Cap'n Jackin' Pop Will Get You High Tonight
(in the Statistical Rankings, That Is)

Zoilus Guest Post: If Matt Collins Did It
Weirdest Destroyer Review Ever
Art for a Change/Change for the Arts
T-Dot Thrillz: Sunday
Tomboyfriends in uT.O.pia

Swan Diving in Canuckistan
T-Dot Thrillz: Dance/Songs/! 416!
And You Can Call Me 'Bitsy Teacup'
Ellen Willis
Monsieur Chenaux's Musical Microscope
'All my bulbs are burned out,
and cheery aunts and uncles are just rolling in,
and being like, "Where can I store this ham?"
and "Here's some harvest-themed centerpieces
for your table." And I'm like, "What tables?" '

T-Dot Thrillz: Local Aktion Gruppen
First, We Take Putnam County ...
Then We Take the Shadow World!

High School is from Mars,
College is from ...
Some Other Galaxy, apparently

If this Bookmobile is Rockin'...
No Comment?
Gonzo Gig Guide
Wooooooo, Scary Music-Nerdism!! Happy Hallowe'en
Negativland: Always Be Prepared
(Like John Cage's Piano)
When You Come Knockin': 'Hot' Canadiana 2006
Have Faith (or Pandemonium...)
Props for Propagandhi
End-of-Year Exercises Begin!
Bad Bands Revisited, Part 2:
Lawyerama for Dollarama?

Bad Bands Revisited, Part 1:
Constructive Destruction! Unity Through Idiocy!
(Guest Post)

All About the Benjamins: Franklin
From the Dept. of Be Careful What You Wish For
'Most of My Songs Aren't Autobiographical,
or I'd Be in an Institution':
Randy Newman at Convocation Hall, 10-14-06
This American Podcast
Bemused, Befuddled, Bewitched, Be-switched
Footnotes in the Floodlights
Quasi-Participatory-Objects: More Matmos, Portland,
Pick 7, CCL1, & the Canada Council

Thanksgiving is for Matmos!
Joanna In (Even More of) Her Own Words
Nuit Quatre: My Full Pop Montreal Roster
Pop Montreal, Nuit Trois: Festival Brain
Hey, England? This is Fucked
Pop Montreal, Nuit Deux: Oh, oh, oh, oh, Desire
Pop Montreal, Nuit 1: Diamond Day after Day
Salut de Pop Montreal
However Wildly They Dream:
Chenaux and Perri Ride their Ranges

Tales from Nuit Blanche
Depleted and Delighted: CopyCamp Day 1
T-Dot Thrillz: The Centre for Culture & Leisure
Live Notes in the Rearview: Tagaq, Conrad, McPhee, Jandek, Guelph Jazz
InterXAvantPoetryBusFace 2 (T-Dot Thrillz 4.5)
InterXAvantPoetryBusFace (T-Dot Thrillz 4)
Bow Down Before the One You Serve
State of the Blogs, Sept. 2006
Stephen Colbert goes Avant-Jazz:
Hiphopketball: A Jazzebration!
Live Notes in the Rearview:
1. The Mountain Goats

T-Dot Thrillz, Pt. 3:
Rockin' Rockin' Reference Library
And zhe vinner is...
I'd Tell You About the Jandek Show
But I'm Still Thinking About It, So, First:
All-Ages Issues

'Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Anonymous'
Polarised! It's (Not?) All About the Music, Man
Getting Lonely?
Speaking of...
They'll Put a Spell on You
(Or Is It the Other Way 'Round?)

CopyCamp! (or, T-Dot Thrillz 2)
T-dot Thrillz Epi. 1: Uncle Tungsten Strikes Back
Bejariana Update: Hello, Hello Blue Roses
Christgau on Torontopia
Deals Going Down
Clogging the Tubes
Village Voice Debacle Continues
Ys oh Why? (Newsom Pre-Preview)
A Utopia By Any Other Name (Except 'In-Joke')
Hello-lo-lo-lo... to the Echo Prize
Get Clicky
"I waddle out and get a couple of gasps:
'Is that what their hair looks like?' "

Peek Experiences
Bowie, MF Doom and Proto-Bandonyms?
Goin' Out West (Where They Appreciate... Tea)
'I'll try anything once, twice if I like it,
three times to make sure' - Mae West
Damolition Squad: The Pickup Band Tour
Gabba Gabba? Hey!
Dusty, Toxic-Sludgey, Watercoloured Memories
What Ho! Buttonwillow!
Newsom as the News

Come Up & See Me Sometime
Busting a Three Gut
Weapons of Mass Orchestration
'Ten Celebrities, Four of Whom I Might Assassinate'
A Few Words in Defence of Randy Newman
Cyber-Rap: The Plot, Like the Waistline, Thickens
For Those Who Think (Sonic) Young
Remedial for Radikals
The Tragically Hip Replacements?
Just Put Your Lips Together And…
The Autumn Weather Turns the Leaves to Flame
Hot Town, Bummer in the City
'I've Already Got 400 Songs That Punch You in the Face'
Stop This Crap Now
Republic of Safety-For-Whom?
It's Ridiculous! But We Love It!
History Question
There'll Be Talk! There'll Be Action!
Zoilus Demanding Satisfaction!

Live and Shave
Burma Shave
Don't Call Me Tardy, Blogger
Summer Vacation
Get Reviewed, Get Remembered, Get Lonely
Friday Night Fights
Said the Carlophone, 5th & Final
Said the Carlophone IV: Kathleen Yearwood, Tagaq
(Plus: UbuTube)

Dark Globe
We Have the MP3ology
(Said the Carlophone, Pt. 3)

It's Improvi-mental!
Swan Song for the Bistro
The Lion King
Fun, With Occasional Music
Truckload of (Songs About) Art
Everyone's a Winner, Step Right Up
(Plus: Said the Carlophone, Pt. 2)

Report on UnCanadian Activities
Welcome to Art Class
(And Yes, It Does Involve Shaking Your Ass)

A Lot to Bragg About
Laconic Couth (or: How Many Sonic Youth Headlines
Does The World Have Left To Give?)

Trampoline Hall Photo-Shoot Edition Update
Said the Carlophone
So Long Sleater, Bye-Bye Kinney
Black Stars, Trampoline Hall
and Other Summer Pleasures
More Old Punx
Deja Voodoo All Over Again!
Days Late But It's Got Legs
The Smoky Life is Practiced Everywhere
Whoa, Mama's a Maneater
The Show Me State
Like Marbles Thrown Against a Mirror
'Oh, These Days It's a Maze Ablaze'
Teaching the Indie Kids to Fuck Again
What I Did on My June Vacation
World in Motion:
And Did Those Feet...? (Part 2)

World In Motion:
And Did Those Feet....? (Part 1)

Next-Door Neighbour to an In-Law of a Thought
The Sound of Joy Goes HA HA HA HA!
Mao Now, Brown Cow?
Cooler Than Mercury
Nobody Can Lift the Damn Thing
Foster Grants and Genre Goggles
Outtakes from the Auto Da Fe
Here Comes the Sunn0))), Again
If You're Gonna Do It Once, Then Do It Now
Axis of Essential
Now I Long For:
Yesterduh, and Hydromel

Local and Immediate News
A Little Vomiting Music, Maestro
Hum of Life
Pitying Merritt, David Thomas Generously
Offers Up Self as New Whipping Boy

Merritt Postscript: Zip-a-dee-doo-Dad
I've been wondering when this would happen
The Birdies Are Saying What I Want to Say
Help Wanted: Jazz Edition! Plus Other Shit
Yuppie Band Name Alert
EMP 4 & Final: Quote-Unquote
Whitey Don't Surf
EMP 3: Supremes (Beyond Good & Evil)
EMP 2: There's No Such Thing as a Zipless Doodah
EMP preliminotions
Invisible Man
The Party of Special Things to Do
Pallettwatch, Day Whatevs
Moment of Silence: The Village Voice
Well, So Much for That Idea
Blogging è Mobile
Font of Ideas: 'The Black Menace'
Pallettwatch: 'Gotta Dig Up Every Secret Seashell'
Poll Positions
I Meta Her at a Party...
Inside Joke for Mountain Goats Fans
Prototypical Band Name of 2006
Darling Buds of May
Little Crib of Horrors
The Humid Summer Air
Pulls at the Ring in My Snout

Pallettwatch Update
Birth of the Uncool:
Notes on Schmaltz (3)

Live Music Report Report
Brass, Buttons 'n' Bows (feat. Pallettwatch!)
They Shoot Horses & Prince: 'These wonderful,
wonderful kids! Still struggling! Still hoping!'

Where You Lead, I Will Follow...
Hail and Farewell
Danger, danger! Meta-meta-criticism ahead!
Smoove It On Over:
Notes on Schmaltz (2)

The Milk-Eyed Mender Meets the Yankee Reaper
Flaming V.I.P.s
Flattery Will Get You Linked
Byrne & Eno's Danish Cartoon?
He's Got a New Spell:
Billy Bragg Seeks a Post-Marxist Language

Eye Spy (or, Lit-Rock Revisited)
(and/or, Thursday Reading Revisited)

Hungry Like the Lynx
Post-Soviet Auktyon Heroes
Death, Be Not Concrete
CCMC vs. Kaiser (w/ Lukas Ligeti
as Conscientious Noncombatant)

Suddenly Saddened
Getting It On With the Hangman's Daughter
Brother Love's Epistolary Trampoline Travellin' Show
(And An Invitation for New Yorkers)

In Which I Get All Up in Your Grill
As a Charter Member of
the Deception Island Optimists' Club ...

Ticket to Random
Dialogue of a Scene
Planetary Stumpers, Answers We May Never Know
Retractions. Reminders. And Rent.
Personal Note: Dub Housing
The Revolution Will Be Linked
They've Been Itzhaked!
Shipp Shape (Plus: From the Cutting Room Floor)
A CD With A Manifesto!
The Crystal Shipp
Help Wanted!
Tonight and the Future (Coming at you at 78 RPM!)
MySpace, HisSpace, OurSpace
She Creates! She Scores!
Jazzing the 'topia
More Toronto: Now in the NYT
Clarifying Utopia
Urgent Action Appeal
I type an I, I type a space, I type a T,
I type a Y, I type a P, I type an E ...

Ariel Pink's Spoiled Graffiti, Repainted
Bang a (Filipino) Gong: Press Gang
Avant-Rock the Vote
Your Backlash Was Right (Where I Wanted You)
Biography of a Song
Notes on Schmaltz, One
'60 Revelations Per Minute/ This is My Regular Speed'
Duelling Cyclones Jacknife
Or, Waiting For R. Kelly

Zoilus's Adventures in Publicland
Plus: Make My Pick!

Feral Children and Infinite Ghosts
Hungry Like a Fox
Worst Buy
Animals Think They're Pretty Smart
Let's Talk About Love
Digital Watercoloured Memories...
Of (i)Tunes and Tangibility
A Political Time-Out
A Black Monday
Obligatory Destroyer Update:

Do They Know It's Chxzyqwerbazgfyzzt Time?
The Rat King:
Tin Tin Tin's Red-Whiskered Stepchild

Geoff Berner's Phony Gall
Hot & Bloggered
((Music)) (No) /Endgame/
This Modern Love
Never Did Run Smooth

Pole Position
Copyrights & Political Wrongs
' I even love some of our magically ugly architecture.'
Influence Peddling is Killing Music (in Parkdale)
Only Connect ... Better
(Plus: Neko revisited)

Turning Lemons into Daiquiris
Hands in His Pockets
Sadiesfest: Valentine's Comes Early
'So, elevation and takeoff has to be
between 8 and 11 in the evening usually.'
Derek Bailey Postscript the Second

Bailey Postscript
16 Shells from a Twenty-Ought-Six
Plus: Derek Bailey

Tiny Mixed Feelings
... of the Year
Robot Ponies: This Year's Xmas Hit
Check that Maxim!
Canada Seeks Silver Jews,
With Paly of Six Argent and Gules
on a Chief Azure, a Lion Passant

The Greatest Living Ballad Singer
'Please Don't Wake Me From This, My Golden Slumber:
I'm Proud to be a Part of this Number!'

Destroyer's Rubies:
'I Passed Off Those Couplets
In Honour of the Void...'

'Crowned Myself the Prince of Buzz...'
A Passel of Print:
Bubbles, CalexIron&WineCo;, Final Fantasy

Alert! Hot Jazz Tip
Are We Calling It 'Art Rock' Again?
Quiet around Here
Gaming Aesthetics, Reloaded
(now with Auto-Critique!)

Gaming Aesthetics: Arguing With Tears
Far From Final Fantasy
Back to the Slappin'
Taking 'Slap Dee Barnes'
to (Ninja High) School

Distillery Jazz Bites the (Temporary?) Dust
Drive-By Thursday Reading
If Video Games Really Are the New Rock...
In The Boneyard
With Glowing Hearts
Runnin' Up That Thar Hill
Psst! Pass it on!
Zoilus the Gramophone
What a Piece of Work Is Man/
What Obsolete Skill Is John Cale?

Music via the Weekend
Suddenly I Feel So Inadquate
Recollected in Tranquility
(feat. N/OULIPO)

Oops, They Did It Again: NNCK, CCMC, 416, JFK, Doris Day...
So How Do You Like
the New Upholstery?

Umlautathon dot UK!
Käte Büsh vs. Motörhead

'To Find a Form that Accommodates the Mess...' (Sam B.)
The Ornette Report
Now We Are 2
(Plus: Ornette!!!)


Alt-Weekly Wig-Out (Thursday Reading)
Life Outraces Satire, Again
October, November, Novemberer
(Gig Guide!)

One-Tune Tomes, Continued
Ich Bin Ein Irving Berliner
(Plus: Single-Song Studies!?)

Republic of Melody
It's Their Party (Gore v. Phair)
'They're Planets, Just Like Us'
Thursday Reading on a Friday Morning
(or, The Wild Kindness)

Blind Items! True Lies!
Goats Move Mountains (Live)
Scratch, Blur, Burn
'Once You Don't Know Nothin,
You Can Do Somethin'

Thursday Reading: Take Me Out
It's Listometric
Vavoom! Ray Pettibon
Edwardian Soccer Uniforms Lead to "Honeyed Melody
& Avant-Electronics" aka Orgy (Plus: MEG Montreal)

I Buried Paul
Gobble Gobble
Storytellers, Not Made for VH1
'There's No More Distressing Sight Than That/
Of an Englishman in a Baseball Cap'
(Plus, Thursday Reading Revived)

Just What I Feared
Au Revoir, Little Luca
(The Second Floor Will Never Be the Same!)

Teevee Dinners
Get Yer Hot Links!
The Passion of Alejandro
Thursday Reading: R.I.P.?
Another Side of Another Bob Dylan Debate
Plus: One of the Worst Songs Ever

Brian Joseph Davis: A Riot In Your Pocket
'What I Really Need Now Is Ideas'
Falling Into Place (Sept-Oct Gig Guide)
Word on the Me
Robert Zend's Toronto
Tora! Tora! Toronto! ...
And Otherwheres

Jandek Live in Torontopia?
'Let's Cut to the Coda ...
Any Old Gimmick Is Fine'

Seu Jorge & Other Thursday Reading
It's In The Trees, It's Coming!
New Kate Bush

BOB's My Uncle (Plus: Final Fantasy Video!)
Trampoline Hall Chopped'n'Screwed
These Just In: Mr. Moody/SNFU, Too Old to Rock;
Ms. Mars/Mr. Migone, Not

Kicked to the Ground
Woooo wooooo woooooo ...
Guelph Jazzblog 3.i
Guelph Jazzblog 2.ii
Guelph Jazzblog 2.i
Guelph Jazzblog, 1.ii
Guelph Jazzblog, 1.i
Overtones, R.I.P.
Thursday Reading
Democratic Ticket '08:
Wynton Marsalis/Roscoe Mitchell?

Damn & Double Damn
September Songs (Toronto Gig Guide)
Waterblogged Musicians, Redux
Praise You
In My Absence
Crossing Things Like Hearts & Fingers
Rick Moody: Poetaster's Progress
O Kinsella, Where Is Thy Sting?
The Big Punk Rock Lie (and/or Warren Kinsella)
Don't Lose That Feeling
Flowers of Romance?
Thursday Reading (Slight Return)
'Mark Mothersbaugh's Body
Lies A-Moulderin' in the Grave'

I Hate to Say It, but... D'ohh!
Remember When?
The Only Pornographers are
the Pornographers of Ice Cream

Go To Sleep, Little Babies
Leonard Cohen Has Gone Broke!
Gurkophones, Apple Dumplings, Ornette Coleman Stoves
Payola, ooh la la
Ode to Billy Joe
Zen & The Art of Zoilus Repair
Alert: David Essig
Get Jolie-Laide with Dead Machines
Through the Roof & Underground
The Blues Got the Blues
Hungry Like The Chuck
Get Well Ron G.
Metric Vs. Pornographers (Which System Will Prevail?)
Hey Asshole, or, Final Fantasy Rumour Quashing
David Byrne's Tide of Self-Doubt
Stalking Owen Pallett, Episode 21
Osby, Statman, Konitz, Shipp...? I've Set the VCR
Auuugggghhhhh-ist! (Gig Guide)
Small Craft Warnings
But Wait, What About Payola?
Fearful Rock
Proposition Retracted
Crispin Glover Love
Big Star: For All You Sister Lovers
Indie-Rock Wars (Except that Wars, I'm Told, End)
The New Protest Music = Faux-test Music
A Lot of Night Music
Sociological Digression
When Anti-Rockism Becomes Rockism, Part 127
Rhapsody in Hamilton
Kells' Closet (1800's Literary Remix Edition)
Kells's Closet Case Cracked
Toronto Unsyncopated
One Liners
'A web of sewer, pipe, and wire connects each house to the others'
Chromewaves' Cal Ripken Streak
Slack MoFo, or 'Semiotic Lumberjack'?
"Electricity Made Music Louder and More Often"
An Agenda to Write In Your Agenda
From One Atrocity to Another
Housekeeping. So Emo
I've Been Good For Nothing
Indubitable Pleasures
A Hawt July in Toronto Unlimited
Special K
Available for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Trips to Mars
Hearts Are Broken, Heads Are Turned
Chant'ses Are
Get Working on Your Halloween Theme Mix Tape
Don't Re-Shoot the Piano Player
Gwo-Ka a Go Go
Sincerely Yours, Flyswatter Freddie
Are You Feelin' Moody?
Found My Baby There
"In This Busy, Hectic World, Who Has Time For A Whole Album?"
Are You a Corin Person or a Carrie Person?
It's Got A Gouda Beat
The Unreal World (aka The New York Times Arts Section)
Who Stole the DJ?
Sit, Ubu, Sit
Not-So-Great White North
So Sinsurr
A Blow To The Three Gut
The Disappearance of the Outside?
Let's Clean Our Brushes
Last Nail in the Coffin of the Honesty Police
Sunburned Saturday Night
Russell Hates Jazz (Whatever That Is)
Better L8 Than Never
No Joy In Mudville
Oh, Gr8
Ice Cold Play
Here Comes the Neighbourhood
Cassette Mythos: Elegy
Jack Be Quick
Junebuggy Thursday Reading
Knee-Deep In June (Toronto Live Guide)
Must-to-Read: Brahms, Cowbell, Scissors
Sir Dark Invader Vs. The Fanglord
The Chosen (Bobby) Few
G8-Eyed Spy
Victo 2005: R&D; On The Human Strain
If We're In Love, Why Can't We Stay On Topic?
Or, You Know, A Solar Anus
Thursday Reading's Bedroom Eyes
Radical Cheerleaders Exposed! (musically speaking)
They Win!
Grammar Bammer Slammer Time
And thank you
Thursday Thursday
Sunrise, Sunset
Away Game
Come What MAY (gig guide)
What Do You Think the Words 'Foot Fetish' Do for Ye Olde Hit Count?
Monday Morning (er, Mid-Afternoon) Coming Down
Girls Gone Wild
Live Evil
On Looking Into a Pile of Promo Envelopes
Thursday Reading: Toronto Edition
Dance in the Police Disco Lights
Benny XVI & The Jets
Famous & Dandy Like Amos & Andy
20hz Is Dead, Long Live
On Home Towns, Actual and Cyber-Style
The Last EMP-anada
That Was Pop
Zoso, What's It to Ya?
Pop Confab Day 2
Pop Goes the Zoilus
The Anatomy of Smooth
Veda Hille in XTC
Thumbelina-Sized Hiatus
The Gelb-man Cometh (Plus: Juno II, more)
The Not-So-Soft Boys (Plus: Juno Who)
April Show(er)s
I Got a Couple Past-Due Bills, Won't Get Specific
I Love You All This Much
Robert Creeley: Of Some Lost Thrush
Notes That Are Not In Next Weekend's Column That Are Probably More Interesting Than The Column Itself (One In A Continuing Series)
It Shoulda Been Kenny G., Man
Having An Above-Average Weekend
"Is This A Two-Thumbs-Up Mountain?"
The T- to the I- to the C-K-N-O-R
As If I'd Never Had Spaghetti and Meatballs
Hot-Clutton Issue
It's Hard to Say Which Is Funnier...
Welcome to Hell, Here Are Your Ice Skates
The Maggie Tapes
Vote the Rock
"All I Ever Think About Is Politics and Sex"
The Consecrated Casio
Bifurcated Bedeviled Noise Crossroad Prophesy Clash!
My Kingdom for a List
"Before the Terrible Money Came" (Caution: May Contain MIA, as well as Grime, Rachid Taha, Jens Lekman and Arthur Russell)
Onward Christian Marclay
Don't Do The Grime If You Can't Do the Time
The Family That Links Together, Stays Together
Steady Merkin' & Lekman Lurkin'
Taking Dundas Street By Strategy
Verbatim: "We still need a cover profile and I would prefer if it were of an attractive female artist who will move copies off the rack"
He Poos Clouds
CBC to Indie Culture Fans: Chill Out & Love Up Big Brother
Continental Grift
Everything Infects Everything
Quiet Village
David Pritchard, R.I.P. (Radio in Perpetua)
'The Biggest Swoops of Feeling'
M.I.A.: The Dean Dives In
When March Comes Marching In
"The Wire" on the Wireless (Plus: Save Brave New Waves!)
Destroyer thru a Blurred Lens
Win Your Oscar Poll! (At Least In One Obscure Category)
A Ray of Sungrime
Meanwhile Back at the Other Obsession
"Listening, It Should Have Exceeded"
Keepin' What Real?
Good Fights
Be Realistic: Demand Fantasy
Pussy Bottom, Population 1
Hey Yo Yo Yo, I Need An Empire To Overthrow
People Ask...
Arts de Faire
Montreal Miracle Explained, Cancer Cured, Etc.
He Gets You on His Wavelength (But He Never Lets the River Answer!)
Score One For Winnipeg
A Dozen Hits & Misses from the Pazz & Jop Comments Pages
Live From New York, It's Tuesday Night
Inside You The Time Moves & She Don't Fade
NYT Goes to Montreal in its Way-Back Machine
One Mango, Extra Salt and Pepper
Trendsettas Make Things Betta
And That's My Final Fantasy!
It's "Quote Insane Press Releases" Day
Don't Go Back to Rockton, or, "You Are One of the Few 'I was there!' in the making of Canadian Rock History!"
Got a Faceful of Ominous Weather
Feral Feb.: Live in Toronto
I'm On Fire & It's The Rainy Season...
No, You Hang Up. ... No, You Hang Up! (Giggle)
Are You Experienced? (I Will Be)
Things We Said Today (Episode 1)
Live '05: More January, Less Tin TiN TIN
Indie Rock Death 3: This Time, It's Technological
Failure's Always Sounded Better: Bright Eyes
In France They Kiss On Main Street (L'Amour, Mama, Not Cheap Display)
Political Song for Condi Rice to Sing
Turn Your Head Left
They Aren't the World
Echoes from Echo Beach
Someone's About to Be Faaaaamous
Ian Curtis Wish List (also Getting Feisty, and More)
London Calling & Speak the Slang Now!
The Unicorns Are Dead
Nicotine Fitness
The Counterfactuals of Bleep
Wil-MAA! Have You Seen My Sonic Youth Shirt!?
Great Hoser Music, Ancient to the Future!
Hello, Lampposts, Whatcha Knowin'?
Sticks and Stones May Break Our Bones, But Compliments Make Us All Blushyfaced
And the Signifieds Butt Heads With the Signifiers
Joanna Newsom and the Year In Review In Review In Review
This One's For All the Broken People
RIP "Big Daddy Mack" Mack Vickery: Caged Heat
2004 In the Rear-View
The Life Aquatic, Light & Dark
Unwrap It! Zoilus' January Live 2005
Top 2004, 2: Twang Ten
The Missile That I'm Talkin' 'Bout Is Mistletoe
The Death of Irony: Susan Sontag, RIP
Best Best-Of Of The Year?
Seeing Stars
Humbug De-Bugged
Разом нас багато/ Нас не подолати!
"Era todo un descanso, hasta para los sentidos más embotados, ver cómo ese animal salvaje se revolvía en esa jaula tan triste. No le faltaba de nada."
The Sixth Proposition: Shut Up, Wilson
The North Poll
Nils in the Coffin
Cool Light of Day Reconsideration Post
The Klosterman Syndrome
Scrooged Up
Top 2004, 1: Can-Con-Carne
Alex Soria, 1966-2004: "Lets Pretend We Were Joyful, Like Green Fields in Daylight"
Audio Alibis
Oops. Yikes.
I Found That ES-sence Rare
Helter Stupid
Whatever Happened to...
I Saw an URL on a Poster in a Photo on SFJ's Blog, Found These and Figured, What With All The Death, We Could Use Some Comix Relief
'A Tumbleweed of Grumbly Noise'
Lil' Lee Bonks Lil' Jon On Noggin
Hugh By Nature: RIP, Hugh McIntyre (Nihilist Spasm Band)
Coyne of the Realm
Apparitions and Vanishments
A Bush Who Gets My Vote
Zoilus's Jolly Dec. Gig Guide
Notes on Hip (II)
Notes on Hip (I)
Musical Energy Pellets, Eat 'Em Up
The Rockismford Files, Chpt. CIX
A Toast! Cocktails That Wag For Everybody
Horrified Observations of Horrified Observers
'Is It Atomic?' 'Yes, Sir: VERY Atomic!'
'Some Men They Take Your Heart Away/ Some Men They Take Your Eyes'
Ladies and Gentlemen, I Think We Have a Winner...
Put a Tamil Tiger In Your Sonic-WMD Tank
Torontopus' Tentacles
The Empire Strikes Blog
Can You Name All Six?
Everybody in da Shanty House
This Is Not, In Fact, The Place
Strokes of Scenius
About Cheatin'
Middle America's Dr. Seuss-Gone-Porno Nightmare...
What We Were Waiting For
Like a Blog Over Troubled Waters
A Thought (Beta) & Good Luck to Us
Burnin' November
Real-Life Politics, Episode MMIV
I Don't Want to Get Adjusted to W.'s World
"I mean, we are all here with our terribly shabby human limitations. What can I possibly do except sing a few of these appallingly simple songs I've written?"
Goat Every Mountain
Now Hears This
He Carried the Holiday in His Eye
This Week Can't-Miss ToRAWKto Action!
What Do We Want? Moderate Change! When Do We Want It? In Due Course!
Won't You Follow Me Down to the Rose Parade?
Doodling? Dandy
It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Blogging)
Or To Put It Another Way
Parking Meter Watch
Talkin' Pistol-Packing Rabbi Blues
"Nothing Is Small. Nothing Is Unexpected"
The Faith-Based Presidency
Faggot Liberals for Fugazi
Derrida: The Rock Opera
Global Column-Positioning System, Booyah (Plus: The Low-Down on October's Tin Tin Tin)
Gig Alert: Steel Strings, Sinew and Saliva
With the Palm of Her Eye
Send a Truck Back For It
Boy from the North Country
Now You Scene It... Now You Don't
Nonesuch Clarification
Zoilus Miscellany, Sunday Edition
Torocktober (Smile!)
Beware the Jam Borg (plus: No Mo' Moran)
Holy Thursday!
If You Think Lit-Rock is Grim: Don't Forget Rock-Lit
Purkkia Liimaa?
Bruno Unbuttons His Lip
Waiting on Tom
Put Your Rock'n'Roll Hands in the Goddamn Burning Sand
Jody Rosen Heads For Fist City
Flesh on Fantasy
Open Loose (and Finish Tight)
"The Most Horrible Night of Your Fucking Life"
Melodrama for Music Writers
Speaking of the Future of Music
Talk About Country Grammar
Tip to Xtian Zealots: Get Your Bus Ticket to Toronto Now
Mule Variations
MotherCorp Ramone
I'm Stuck With A Valuable Friend
Blocks: Mental!
Tin Tin Tin Cancellation Shocka
Guelphgate, Part III
Show Business: Get Your Scoop On!
Guelph Revisited: Royal City Standoff
Guelph Fest's Fantastic Fiasco
Death of the Author II: Reanimated!
The Alt-Country, Red-State, Intellectual-Property, 9/11-Anniversary Blues
Nada Surf, as in "Don't Bother" (yet)
Holding Hands After Swimming in a Lake (Plus: Ambitious Arto)
Harmolodic Hotline
Predators of the Adoration (Or, "Mount Eerie? Mount Phooey!")
When You're Weary, Feelin' Small -
We Are All Just Prisioneros/Prisonaires Here (of Our Own Device)
Zell on Four Wheels
Fear Factor (Jazz-Crit Edition)
September Songs
The Apostate of Husserl, or rather...
And I Was All Bitchbitch And He Was All Defydefy
This Weekend Is Insane!
Roll It Out Like a Monkey
Convo Conversion
Don't You Know No One Alive Can Always Be an Angel?
It's Oh So Quiet
Soft and Pink as a Nursuree
Dept. of Fact Stranger Than Dept. of Fiction
Back at the recital, signs remain vital
Goodbye Joe, We Gotta Go, Me-O-My-O
Right In Front of All the Blogboys
Modest Throat-Clearing Sound
Thursday Papers (Ask No Questions! Tell No Lies!)
The Alpha and the Oneida
An Autumn So Awesome It Comes In August
His Pink Moon Also Riseth
21st Century Schizoid Mullet
Lit Rock Brain Teasers (Now: With Solutions!)
Gossip Brings You Pleasure
And When Instinct Goes, You Use Force
The No "There" There Kid
A Memo to the Boss
Conversants Rather than Inductees
The Light In August
By a Virtual Thread You Hang in My Hood
The Only Thing I'm Saying About U.S. Democratic Politics This Week Is
The Mad Hatter & Me
Note to Self...
Fuschia Alert! 8 Hours to Tin
Blues for Langston Hughes
Blog Attacked! And Emily Haines Attacked Too
Wednesday! Drake! Uh-Huh! Summer Lovin'!
The Comfort Brief, Impure and Sweet
A Bamboo Needle on a Shellac of Chopin
Bull Market In Death Metal?
Elvis Lives, Evil's Veils, Levis and Other Anagrams
If Not Now, Then. Also, Monsters of Rock!
The Wilco Challenge, Redux
The Gap Between Politics and Protest: (We Don't Need No) Shock Tactics
Working Hard to Put Food On Your Family
How Would You Like It If I Came Over With My Clique?
"Once you're up there, and they're sawing you in half ..."
Pecking Lightly, Like a Woodpecker with a Headache
Jeremy Greenspan: The World Is Not a Fuckin' Subway
Knock-Knock, the Consensus Is Here. Get Your Boots On, Baby, 'Cuz We're Going With It
Some of it is just transcendental, some of it is just really dumb
Zoilus Picks: July, Live in Toronto
In Other Countries, Art and Literature are Left to a Lot of Shabby Bums Feeding on Booze and Spaghetti, but in America the Successful Writer or Picture-painter is Indistinguishable from Any Other Decent Business Man
"Oh, it's tin, tin, tin, hunk o' tin. I've abused you and I've flayed you, but by Henry Ford who made you, you're a better man than I am, hunk o' tin"
Ixnay on the Ovelay: Stephin Merritt, Continued
Blind Item: Middle C Ain't Nothin' But A Bank Note
Are You Being Attacked By A Swarm of Maracas?
"Lookie Lookie" is the new "In My Considered Opinion"
The Wilco Contest: The One No One Can Win
Tin TiN TIN-fo?
What came out of the horn were not balloons but a bouquet of milkweed, sourgrass, dandelions and such
Small Orchids Like Snakes' Tongues
It's a Shame about (Both) Rays
Scary Monsters, Super Creeps and, oh yes, Unreconstructed Nazis
I Noticed that My Opponent is Always on the Go
(Nellie McKay) Is She Tough or Not Tough Enough, Really?
How has the human spirit ever survived the terrific literature with which it has had to contend?
Nellie-Nina Cage Match
Lollapalooza Plug Predictably Pulled, Farrell Wallows in Prog-Rock-Worthy Allegories
A Walk on the Wild Side
Whatever Floats Their Boat
"We Don't See Eye to Eye/ Or Hear Ear to Ear"
What'd They Say
Another Day, Another Civil Liberties Emergency
Shows More
Get a Record Deal and/or Stop the War (or Both)
Goodnight, Brother Ray
The Statistical Top 10
Reagan Rock, RIP
Logorrhea Will Destroy Ya
(Was It the Movie or) The Making of Your Blues
Ow! Good God!
Royal City Rumble
Cobra Dissected, Games Played with Cold, Dead Remains = Fun!
Santana's America: Love Elvin Or Leave It
June Shows in Toronto, more-or-less Zoilus-approved
So Long, and Thanks For All The Music
The Irony Board
Berlin Notebook: No, Really, I Am Back
The Conspiracy Widens
It's Tonight
Zoilus on Semi-Hiatus
Tin Tin Tin Preview
'Plasticene Video Guy!'
Toronto, Rock City
A Love Too Supreme?
Throbbing Error
"A Couple of Naps, Then a Nap, and He's Ready for Bed"
A Little More 'Werk
Double Deutsch
The Ray Condo Story
Collect 'Em All
Bang the Tin Tin Tin Drum!
Over the Top
Last Roundup for Ray Condo
The Amazing Adventures of Dan Burke
I Shoot Tortoises, Don't I?
Tin Tin Teaser
Erik Friedlander, unexpurgated
Kelly Hogan Underappreciation Night
Scene Unseen
Images in Vogue
Everybody Wins/Loses/Hurts/Etc.
Until the Fat (or Just Curvy?) Lady Sings
The Music Geekiest Thing Ever
Blind Item
April Shower of Shows
Virtual Lyrical Ninja Fight
Washed Up In Your Own Home Town
Destroyer's Yves Klein Blues
Smells Like Tin Tin Tin
TTT update
Droppin (Political) Science
4th Pyramid Penetrates 49th Parallel
Happy Birthday, Brave New Waves
Tin TiN TIN-quisitive?
The Heartaches of Classic Material
"I Knew Then What I Know Now"
Nice Weekend
New Songs, New Ceremonies
Hot Band-on-Band Action
Does Dylan Have Flow?
Xiu Xiu Shoo-Bop
Show Emoter Dan
Should I Jump Jim Crow?
Babytalk in the Furnace Room
Canadian Music Weak
Blocks around the Rock
In Cobra's Coils
Tin Type
All Day & All Of the Night

Grey Tuesday

(from the folks who brought you Blue Monday)

T.T.T. #1 was #1
The Mannequin Never Wanes
Waxing the Mannequin
Tin Tin Tin Today!
Fate Healers: The Mountain Goats' 12 Steps into the Valley of Death (and 13 Steps Back)
Wavelength 200: Wavier, Lengthier, Uncut
John Clare Vs. John Henry
Tin Tin Tin-formation
What's Shakin' at the Music Gallery
Your Knickers in a Notwist
Tin Tin Tin-itus
"This is making me dizzy. Can I have some juice?"
Kagel Exercises
Hungry Like Christian Wolff
The Destroyer/Frog Eyes Axis of Evil
Straight Outta Tuva
In My Undie
The Top 25 of 2003
1. Frog Eyes - The Golden River
2. The Barcelona Pavilion - It's the Barcelona Pavilion
3. King Geedorah - Take Me to Your Leader and Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain
4. Robert Wyatt - Cuckooland
5. Vic Chesnutt - Silver Lake
6. Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day
7. Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow
8. The Constantines - Shine a Light
9. John Oswald - Aparanthesi
10. The Hidden Cameras - The Smell of Our Own
Comments: Discs 11-25
Other 2003 Favourites
Still Listening To...
The Unheard Music
Best of 2003
Today's Column
ATM + Guy, Electric Orchestra
Joe Ely, Streets of Sin
Liz Phair. The Guvernment, Toronto, Nov 15/03
Urbanism + (other) Hubbub
Elliott Smith: "Here it is, the revenge to the tune..."
Zoilus by Carl Wilson