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Today in The Globe and Mail, I profile Toronto lo-fi-bubblegum quintet The Bicycles, and review the new Xtina Aguilera and Bonnie Prince Billy CDs.

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Never liked much of Oldham's music. I've found it maudlin and self-deprecating where I like to see discontent met with resistance and a hope for something better. I'll give him yet another chance, tho'.

Posted by Chris on August 20, 2006 6:31 AM



the more time I spend with The Letting Go, the more I'm sure it's one of my favourite records of the year. sure, I'll admit that Oldham's almost too prolific for me to definitively state that it stands atop his discography, but I imagine I'm going to return to it again and again. it's stunning musically (the production's great and McCarthy's vocals appeal to me more than they do in Faun Fables) and I find the "man vs. the elements" and sleep imagery to be quite interesting. the record is tough and intimate, and I appreciate it as one of my favourite Oldhams...

Posted by vish on August 19, 2006 10:58 AM



"[Will Oldham's stuff here] recall[s] the gentler side of early Leonard Cohen, and most of the lyrics shun cultivated hermitage in favour of the companionate graces."

this is totally right on. i love-love-love how the record's forsaken some of oldham's ***hermitage*** distance. that kind of sinning contemplative holy-man stuff. it feels much more direct, here. unfortunately, the album is totally in general way dull! i thought the single was amazing! and "cold and wet" is outstanding (it was the first track i heard from the album)! but much of the rest is just too moseying and uncracked, both arrangement-, performance and songwriting-wise. siiiiigh.

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