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Said the Carlophone IV: Kathleen Yearwood, Tagaq
(Plus: UbuTube)


I know I've been neglectful. It's because I'm still cheating on you with that other blog, and it leaves me spent. Today's entry is about two of the most unclassifiable, undomesticatable women in Canadian music.

Meanwhile as a follow up to last week's Pere Ubu post - check out this footage from YouTube: One a Tenement Year reunion tour (1987) rendition of the band's best-known song, Final Solution - with one of the best representations of David Thomas's stage magnetism that I've seen on video. And, for kicks, a performance from June of the same song by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), TV on the Radio and Bauhaus's Peter Murphy (whose cover version of Final Solution helped popularize it in the 1980s).

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awesome and great to know you gave sinaa another seventeen listens! my "theatre commutiny" team gave the opening track several listens as we puzzled over translating wide slumber's somnoptera from the page into sound. (did you catch our overlapped 3/4, 4/4, 5/4 song-poem at the soaking-wet scream on monday?)

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Well spike me. I'm dead...I'm dead. I guess we can confirm TV on Radio is the sidle up band of the moment. From David Bowie, who's build a career on that, to Peter Murphy and Trent it'll be Wynton Marsalis. Very does Peter make his voice do that? It's almost creepy, like some Milli Vanili gimmick. I'm suprized the vocal software didn't crash with all that stress on the server.

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