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Are You Feelin' Moody?


Today in The Globe and Mail, a beginner's guide to ESG - the early-80s forerunners of the dance-punk sound of today's Williamsburg, not to mention a black-woman force in a good swathe of early post-punk, house and rap. Lead singer Renee Scroggins was a delight to interview, loudmouthed and full of laughter. (Her contrarian views on sampling alone are worth a listen for us kneejerk it's-all-good types, coming from someone who's been [screwed] there - ESG's UFO is one of the most sampled tracks in hip-hop history.) The band's new incarnation makes its first-ever Toronto appearance tonight, a Prideful show tonight at Lee's Palace thanks to the remarkable Will Munro. They're not coming cheap, peeps - Will is taking a big gamble - so if you can make it, do. I hear tell they're better live than ever.

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Hey, I'm not trying to catch you out as this is a music blog. and a great one at that. but when you write...
"the East Village bohos were forging their own fierce minimalism in art, poetry and rock;"

...what poetry are you referring to?

I've only been reading this Zoilus for a couple of months but I really enjoy it. Thanks man.


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saw ESG w/ le tigre in montreal last fall. much of it was amazing, some of it a bit flat, but totally worth seeing. the ladies are having the time of their life getting overdue lovin' from the crowd. which reminds me, i've lost my copy of south bronx story... i knew something about this summer felt incomplete.

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