by carl wilson

"All I Ever Think About Is Politics and Sex"

"I like to work, I like to fuck/ My mind is my body and my body is a truck!": Republic of Safety. (Photo by Aperture Enzyme, from the RoS website.)

Today in The Globe and Mail, a profile of Maggie MacDonald, singer of Republic of Safety (who launch their new disc at Stones' Place tonight), and, as the headline puts it, "Our first indie-rock prime minister?"

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Maggie Mac as the first indie-rock PM? What about Charlie Angus? As the first indie-rock MP (look, you can't argue against the L'Etranger-to-Grievous-Angels lineage), Charlie's well positioned to beat her to the punch.

(And at least I raised him as an example, as opposed to, I guess, Warren Kinsella or something.)

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson