by carl wilson

Steady Merkin' & Lekman Lurkin'

D Double E, coming Sat. night to B-Side.

Today in The Globe & Mail, I offer my beginner's guide to grime, the taste sensation of the naughties, with the unleashing of the super-ear-spanking Run the Road compilation and Toronto's first-ever grime show this weekend.

(Update: There's an error in the version in the newspaper, which omits Tyler Comerford's role in organizing and financing Saturday's show along with Luca Lucarini. I've amended it here and requested a correction in the Globe. Mea culpa.)

As well today's paper has a little plug for Sweden's Jens Lekman, who's winding up his North American tour with a weekend in Toronto, hanging out with his road friends The Hidden Cameras, at Wavelength on Sunday. Word also comes this morning that Lekman will be melding with Republic of Safety, taking the mic in Maggie MacDonald and Jonny Dovercourt and friends' fledgling band tonight at 12:30 at the El Mocambo as part of the Dynamite Soul party. You can listen to Lekman rarities here, or peruse his amusing interview with NOW's Sarah Liss.

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