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August 3rd, 2010

This weekend I had a feature interview in The Globe & Mail with Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, and ventured a few thoughts about The Suburbs, officially released on disc today in Canada.

Since it was a feature, not a review, I didn’t come out with an evaluation. Shorthand version: The Suburbs has grown on me quickly (I was cool to all but a few standout tracks on Neon Bible, due partly to production and partly to some awkward songwriting), but it drags at an hour’s running time. My personal edit would drop the overbroad “Modern Man” and the fairly forgettable “Deep Blue,” as well as possibly “The Sprawl I,” which I find a bit lachrymose for the subject matter (or maybe I’d just cut the lyrics down), and possibly the anticlimactic “Half Light II.” Still on many levels the album is a leap forward for a band whose energy and dedication remain inspiring.

A full transcript of my interview with Butler will be up on Zoilus later this week.

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