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Ren Weschler: Drawing (outside) the lines

December 2nd, 2009

My interview with non(?)-fiction author extraordinaire Lawrence Weschler appeared today in The Globe & Mail. It’s worth reading, I assert to you. I’m now rushing over to his free 7 pm lecture at Innis Town Hall - but looking forward much more to his appearance tomorrow in the meta-aesthetic live game show “What’s The New Line?“, in which Weschler and a host of Toronto artist-writer-performer types (curated by Sheila Heti & Margaux Williamson) will try to figure out if there is a more relevant set of divisions to use to talk about art in the 21st century than the old fiction/nonfiction divide.

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  2. john says:

    Nice interview! I’ve only read his book on Boggs, the artist who draws exact and inexact reproductions of currency and trades them for goods and services, and it was terrific. How was the event?

    Interesting that he uses the arch-romantic trope of people “catching fire”!

  3. Nimesh says:

    Nice Post

    Informative and enjoyable
    thanks for the good stuff

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