Zoilus by Carl Wilson

Oh, And Also…

July 16th, 2009

… there is an interview with me up on Jemsite, a site about “Ibanez guitars and more.” I would be part of the “more.”

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  2. colonel tom says:

    “…and dabbled in his guitar himself”.
    So that’s what the sound holes are for!

  3. Andrew Korell says:

    Rudy: “Is so wrong for a man to love his guitar?”
    Spider: “It is when he sticks his balls in the strings and strums himself to ecstasy”

  4. malstain says:

    Blogging is old-fashioned? Damn. Please don’t stop this quaint archaic pastime. Your blog compared to Facebook/Twitter is like a fine wine compared to a line of stepped-on crystal meth.

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